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Factors that lead to changes in eating patterns.

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Factors that lead to changes in eating patterns By Mark Buckingham Period 6 HFA4M For Miss Mielke As you were growing older and maturing, did you ever notice that you were changing in many ways? When you were physically changing, did you ever notice that the rapid change in growth led to buying newer clothes? When you began to emotionally change, did you ever notice that the rapid change in emotions led to a change in friends? When you were mentally changing, did you ever notice a change in your behavior? Any particular change that you go through normally causes another among yourself, whether it's physical, emotional, or mental. These types of change can relate to an extent to the adjustments in eating habits. Eating habits are never consistent due to the changes in you that have been made, which I will explore throughout this paper. Mentality is a key factor to a change in someone's eating patterns. Stress is a mental process which could be caused by one factor or by a wide range of factors. ...read more.


Certain types of stress relievers could be meditation, relaxation techniques, listening to music, exercising, or talking to a friend. Depression is another mental or chemical development which may perhaps be caused by one factor or by a wide assortment of factors. It could relate to a major difficulty among family or friends such as a death in the family, or the loss of a friendship. It may possibly also relate to poor school grades. Whatever the cause, depression can very well cause a major change in eating habits. Melinda Hawkins, states "An individual, who is dealing with depression, may not be fond of eating and may discover food tasteless. Their favorite foods may become just another food in the process. They may rapid weight lose in a short period of time without meaning to." Another person with depression may consume food at a greater rate, which in turn, might make them feel better. This rapid food consumption may result in gaining weight. A change in ones lifestyle can be related to many factors, or just one. ...read more.


Dysfunctional eating patterns, especially obsessive eating, demonstrate the way to the most serious obesity. The lone way out is through an addiction-recovery procedure. The Alpha Nutrition Program works at the technical, biological level. If you clear on Alpha ENF, you will flee the addictive loops extended enough to begin reorganizing your life. You have to gradually re-educate yourself about food assortment and eating. Weight loss is unquestionably secondary to the reinstallation of your health. In order to continue control of your eating behaviors you should abstain from eating trigger foods, which are usually made from wheat, milk, sugar, and eggs. As you can see, there are many reasons to the changes in eating habits. Whether it is a positive or negative change, there are plenty of reasons that could be related to the changes within individuals eating habits. In my opinion, everyone goes through different eating patterns, and that it's a regular occurrence of life. Stress, depression, and the changing of lifestyles, is something that everyone has to deal with, which most of the time, has an impact on anyone's eating habits. The only thing we can change is the way we will deal with these natural occurrences, when it arises, and the steps that we will take, to keep our eating habits healthy. ...read more.

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