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How does the amount of fat in milk affect the speed at which lipase works?

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Anthony George 10TT Biology Coursework How does the amount of fat in milk affect the speed at which lipase works? Lipase is an enzyme, which breaks down fat into fatty acids and glycerol. This diagram shows how you can use an indicator to show up the digestion of fats in milk. Phenolphthalein is an indicator that turns pink in alkaline solutions of about pH 10. It will turn colourless in less alkaline solutions below pH 8.3. In this experiment the pink solution becomes colourless when digestion of fats produces enough acid to bring the pH below 8.3. Plan There are a few variables in this experiment; the enzyme works faster at body temperature, 37 Degrees Celsius, so if you changed the temperature of the experiment to body temperature, the whole experiment may work a lot faster. ...read more.


When timing the reaction in each of the experiments the stopwatch must be started when the lipase is added to each test tube. Also to see if each of the solutions are colourless the test tube should be held up against a sheet of white paper to give a reliable result that the solution is colourless and has no pink in it. I predict that the milk with the lowest fat content (Semi-Skimmed) will be the milk that takes longest to turn colourless and that the milk with the highest fat content (Single Cream) will take the least time to turn colourless. I think this because the more fat in the milk, the more fat is available to be turned into fatty acids, which turns the solution from pink to white as pH drops. ...read more.


This was what I thought in my prediction before I did the experiment. Evaluate Overall I think the procedure has worked well. The results were accurate and each experiment for the different milks followed the same plan and all the measurements were carefully carried out. I think the results can be trusted because each experiment was repeated three times to make sure the results were accurate. If I were to make any improvements I would use beakers instead of test tubes to do the experiments so that stirring would be easier. Another experiment I could do to find out more about lipase would be to the same experiment only not changing the milk, but changing the amount of lipase added or the temperature at which the experiment was done. ...read more.

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