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"Life in the Trenches" Diary Entries

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"Life in the Trenches" Diary Entries November 1914 It's cold, damp and I'm tired. Some of the trench was blown apart today, we had to build it back up. We didn't have many trenches it was more of a spread out, open battle. Today I got shot in the leg (it's still hurting). They said they might have to amputate but luckily I pulled through without that happening. The commanders were harsh, they knew I had been shot and still sent me out on a patrol, I don't blame them though they're just following their orders I suppose. I ate before I went out, plum and apple (yeah, tinned food again... great). I started out. Sneaking slowly out of the trench with Private J.P, one of the friends I had made since this horrible war began. Friends are hard to come by out here, having the right attitude helps a lot. We walked about 100 metres, and then had to commando crawl 50 metres to even start to see the enemy trenches (and with a bandage rapped tightly around my leg it wasn't so easy). ...read more.


(I've only got a small cold which the medic said would pass on its own). On a nicer note, the weather's great today, sun fully out and no clouds in sight, it's going to be cold tonight though if it stays like this. Speaking of which I better get some kip, even if it is 1 o'clock midday. Overall it's been good so far, but we will see how tonight goes. April 1916 Finally the new steel helmets arrived. Only a few soldiers got them, around 300 (more should be on the way soon). Some of the troops are happier today probably because of the good grub (around 20 of the guys got food packages from home and shared them out). The weather wasn't great today, it was damp and raining again. It has been like this for the past few days, although you don't count the days in this place, you just get on with what you're set and hope to survive. ...read more.


I will write about it when I get back. September 1918 All work, no rest. About 50 troops (including me) started digging for a mining operation today, basically it's a tunnel built underground all the way to the enemies' trench, the idea is to plant explosives to blow apart their trench. There were quite a few photographs of some of the lads using some of the more advanced machine guns being passed around at tea time, I managed to take one for myself, thought I'd stick it here. While we were eating we saw a couple of tanks passing in the distance (using our periscopes of course). It was my first sight of these amazing machines, they literally smashed through defences! From a photograph from a friend of mine which I was given, I managed to try out my drawing skills yet again (practice makes perfect). Below is one of my tank drawings. It's now 8 o'clock, I better get back to digging. I'll write again soon. By Chris Phillips 17/09/04 - 4 - - 4 - 1 By Chris Phillips 17/09/04 - 1 - ...read more.

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