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Persuasive Speech On Benefits Of Genetically Modified Foods

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YEAR 10 IGCSE ENGLISH COURSEWORK Persuasive Speech On Benefits Of Genetically Modified Foods Consider this! The world's population is now over 6 billion and it continues to grow steadily. Despite the attention given to AIDS and cancer, starvation and malnutrition are still the world's number one problem. How can this be justified since we've already found a solution to these problems? I'm telling you "It can't!" Genetically Modified Food is the answer! It will not only allow us to keep up supply to people in modern countries, it will also bring food to the furthest and most hostile corners of the planet. ...read more.


Genetically Modified Foods will stop a mother from worrying whether their first born will live to celebrate their first birthday or whether a father will get to see his daughter's first stepps. In third world countries, parents face these problems every day. With the help of Genetically Modified Foods we will erase the word "starvation" from our dictionaries and put it into our History books. The world's food production will be spread and multiplied to a level where all countries can produce sufficient amounts. This is not a matter of growing the most perfect strawberries or the sweetest grapes, but a matter of supplying enough nutrition to save millions of lives each year. ...read more.


Apples have also been engineered to last much longer and not go rotten, as would be the case with homegrown apples. Genetically Modified Foods have been extensively tested and no harmful effects have been proven. Despite this, strict laws prevent us from using them all throughout the world. If Alexander Fleming in 1928 had had to deal with our legislation we would still be without penicillin today. After all, penicillin is a substance devised from mould, which today would probably be banned as being a potential cause for cancer. We know the problem. We have the answers. Now let us use them or all our efforts are wasted. Genetically Modified Foods are the answer. Don't live in the past. Support the use of Genetically Modified Foods and give people the chance of a normal life. ...read more.

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