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The Good Earth is a fictional story about the struggles of the main character Wang, as he climbs the social and cultural ladder of Chinese propriety and wealth.

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The Good Earth The Good Earth is a fictional story about the struggles of the main character Wang, as he climbs the social and cultural ladder of Chinese propriety and wealth. Wang starts as a modest farmer living aside his father in their small three-bedroom home, tilling and tending to the land as well as to his father's needs, as is custom in Chinese culture. Though at the same time Wang seeks something more from his life, he wishes to establish a family and to have children to whom he could teach; to care for and respect the good earth. The good earth that Wang himself has developed a deep admiration and respect for over the years. In order accomplish his goal Wang travels to the house of Hwang, where the most respected and wealthy family within the city of Anhwei lives; in order to purchase a slave to be his wife. When he arrives within the limits of the House of Hwang, he is over come with anticipation and fears it would be disrespectful to go in with the bundle of food he is carrying for the marriage ceremony that night. ...read more.


So Wang takes it upon himself to go and yell at his aunt who in the heat of the moment loosens her tongue and curses her husband's misfortunes. A few days later Wang's uncle comes asks Wang for a loan, at this Wang begins to argue with his uncle, but ends up giving him the loan because in Chinese tradition you are to emphasize respect on your elders. Because of the incident with his uncle Wang feels as though he has been cursed and when O-Lan gives birth to a girl, this only further reassures him that he is entering a streak of bad fortune. Then to top that the seasons rains do not come as scheduled and the entire village enters into a severe drought, only the land that Wang bought from the Hwang family is harvested and the House of Hwang is now very near poverty. Wang's uncle comes to him and begs for some food, which Wang feels obligated to give, however when his uncle come a second time he sends him away. ...read more.


Time progresses and Wang and his family begin to acquire more and more land, and they manage to survive through all natural obstacle, such as drought and locus. However during the floods when Wang has more time for leisure he begins seeing a prostitute named Lotus Flower. The family from their acquire the House of Hwang and his uncle comes into live with them. Wang through the help of Cockoo acquires Lotus Flower as a concubine, and the two women move into the House of Wang, despite O-Lan obvious hatred toward them. Their old neighbor and close friend Ching is now also staying with them and he tends to their land affairs. O-Lan and Wang's father die, and Wang continues to live with his uncle whom he cannot throw out due to his gang ties and threats. In Wangs old age he is much like the Old Lord who owned the House of Hwang, as he too now has a lust for young women, and he spends his final years being cared for by a young slave named Pear Blossom, and his children despite his wishes do not have a deep respect for the good earth and plan to sell the land shortly after their father's death. ...read more.

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