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The Impact Of Today's Chefs On Food Choice

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The Impact Of Today's Chefs On Food Choice Food choice is investigating why we chose the foods we do, and there are many factors that influence our food choice these days, for example the increase in foreign holidays, longer work breaks, advertising and many more. However, as I am going to explain in this article, the impact of celebrity chefs has been huge, ever since the 1950s with Fanny Craddock, through to Delia Smith, and right up to today with Jamie Oliver. Fanny Craddock was one of the first "celebrity chefs" of our time. In the 1950s the role of cooking was primarily aimed at the women, and even though this now seems a rather sexist approach, it wasn't seen as appropriate for a male to do the cooking, as they were the full time workers. The women's main job was to look after the children and to cook for the family i.e. to be the housewife. It was seen that a women needed to be a good cook to keep the husband happy and even faithful. In the 1950's, as women never worked, it seemed appropriate to spend vast amounts of time over the meals to ensure the husband would be completely satisfied. Fanny Craddock targeted herself at these married housewives. ...read more.


By being a young male himself he has appealed to the younger generation of males. Even though he now has a celebrity status, he comes across as a very down to earth "normal" guy. Another reason for Jamie's popularity is down to his image. He is a very trendy, up-to-date, good-looking man and this has proved an important part of his success. His very successful television shows are very different to those of fanny Craddock's. They weren't nearly as lavish and extravagant. Instead, Jamie has opted for a very simple and basic every day atmosphere and uses his own home as his stage. This implies that you don't need a lot of money to produce similar meals to what he does, as he uses a lot of every-day ingredients. Showing himself in a normal background appeals to the vast amount of people because it show that everyone can do it. He also involves his life into his programs, such a social meals with his friends or wife. This small insight to his life makes the program a little more interesting and also encourages eating and mealtimes to become more sociable events with friends or family. If we look around our towns and cities today, there is almost a certainty that there will be a fast food outlet of some sort. ...read more.


Becoming part of the E.U has a large part to place in the increase of the variety of foods in our supermarkets. The free trade, which involves the import and export of foods today, gives us a large range of different cuisines from many countries. This allows us to re-create many dishes which we have discovered and enjoyed from our holidays abroad, and bring them home to eat more regularly. For this same reason, we can also enjoy many different cultural dishes, and widen our view on these different cultures and they may add variety to regular food choices. Due to modern technology, we can now produce and store food in our freezers and fridges. Manufacturers can now produce freeze able foods, and foods with additives so they can be kept for longer, and decrease wastage of foods. For example, it takes imagination to create a dish from many leftovers, and this encourages adventurous behaviour with foods, and food choice, instead of just throwing away the un-eaten food. I hope that celebrity chefs continue in the way that they have done so far as the impact that they have had, has been a huge advantage to us. Motivation, encouragement, education and willingness will help improve our health. We can all achieve the healthy, balanced diet that we should all be obtaining and overcome the attraction of fast and convenience foods which hinder a healthy lifestyle. ...read more.

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Here's what a teacher thought of this essay

5 star(s)

This is a very well written assignment. Its reads well and is very informative. The writer has clearly understood the aims of the report and has made some interesting points within the whole assignment. A weakness of this report however, is that there is little evidence of research or reasoning which is always important within any GCSE coursework. *****

Marked by teacher Michelle Anne Turrell 01/05/2013

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