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The purpose of this report is to see whether there is a future in organic farming.

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Purpose of report. The purpose of this report is to see whether there is a future in organic farming. I want to see if the trend has changed in the way people view organic products in the 21st century. Methods of research. The different forms of research I could use are... Primary research- the first-hand collection of new and original information directly from the public. Secondary research- Looking into and examining existing published information e.g. the Internet, magazine, company brochure, school handouts etc. Organic definition. Organic farming involves the production of food using management practices which aim to avoid the use of agrochemical inputs and which seek to minimize damage to the environment and wildlife. Organic farmers aim to build up natural fertility on the farm by the recycling of manures and composts and the use of rotations. Weeds are controlled mainly by choice of varieties or by mechanical means. Farmers rely on crop rotations including legume crops to restore nitrogen, crop residues such as using cornstalks as fertilizers to add nutrients back into the soil, compost, animal manure, and biological pest control for instance, introduction of viruses, bacteria, protozoa, and fungi to control pests. In animal husbandry there is stress on extensive systems and the non-use of most veterinary medicines (although such medicines must be used where necessary to avoid suffering). Organic farming is controlled by EC Regulation 2092/1991 (as amended) ...read more.


As a result, the government has been working with key stakeholders including The Soil Association to produce an organic action plan for England. This plan, published on 29 July 2002, puts into practice many of the actions the Soil Association has been calling for over 10 years: * New cash for organic farmers. * Organic food for schools and hospitals. * Supermarkets agree to increase the proportion of organic food they source from UK Farmers. HDRA HDRA was conceived as a membership organization - a club for experimenting gardeners. Because space at Bocking was limited, members were encouraged to do experiments in their own gardens and report their findings back to headquarters. Cherry Hills, Lawrence's wife, proffered advice on nutrition and health long before it became fashionable to do so. Many of the current concerns, such as the link between aluminum and Alzheimer's disease, were first suggested in early HDRA newsletters. For ten years, Lawrence Hills received no pay whatsoever, funding the work from his Observer articles. The Association grew slowly through the '60s, and by the end of the decade had a loyal band of around 17,000 members. Mainstream scientists, however, looked on it as being cranky and Luddite. The '70s changed all that as the first stirrings of the environmental movement started to gain momentum. Defra Aims Sustainable development, which means a better quality of life for everyone, now and for generations to come, including: * A better environment at home and internationally, and sustainable use of ...read more.


712647 Harvest Supplies Harvest Home Colemans Hatch Hartfield TN7 4EN 01342 832392 Putlands Farm Duddleswell Uckfield TN22 3BJ 01825 712647 Seasons Forest Row 10-11 Hartfield Road Forest Row RH18 5DN 01580 830715 Stairs Farm Shop High Street Hartfield TN7 4AM 01342 770793 Boathouse Farm Shop Uckfield 01825 750302 Copwood Farms Uckfield 01825 712647 Putlands Farm Uckfield 01825 712647 An advantage of being a small organic producer such as Boathouse Farm Shop would be, that they would be more in touch with there market and cater for their clients needs. A disadvantage of being such a small organic producer like Boathouse Farm Shop would be, that you have such a small pool of cliental that they will never make the big money and if some of their cliental happened to move away or stopped buying their products or even if they had some new competition they would have quiet a significant drop in sales, which would result in a loss of profit or maybe even total closer. I think that boathouse farm could use ITC to be able to advertise their products better, or maybe they could set up an address on the internet that would allow their clients to place their orders with less hassle, and it would attract a whole new range of clients who probably would of never heard of them before. Other ways in which a business could use databases would be to keep track of the clients and their record of sales. Kyle Wingham 56320 ...read more.

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