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To find out whether the foods contain starch, fats, proteins and glucose or not.

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Title: Food test Aim: To find out whether the foods contain starch, fats, proteins and glucose or not. Introduction: We have to eat food everyday. Why do we have to eat so much types of food, to keep healthy? Because the foods contain a lot of nutrients, nutrients are substances which organisms need for releasing energy, for growth and repair, and to sustain and all life processes. And they are good for our health. For example: proteins can help us to grow. So we want to find out what types of nutrients are in the food that we eat; starch, fats, proteins or glucose? So we use the method down here to find out: Iodine test: it's the method that we use to find out if the food contain starch or not. We can see the change when we add iodine solution to the substance. If the color of the iodine solution changes from brown to dark blue or black, then that means the food contains starch. If the color of the iodine solution did not change, then that means that the food does not contain starch. Benedict's test: it is the method we use to find out if the foods contain sugar or not. ...read more.


* Changed the color from light blue to yellow. * White emulsion with precipitate. Potato * Changed the color from brown to dark blue. * Changed the color from blue to violet. X stay at the same color (light blue). X stay at the same. Unknown solution X Stay at the same color (brown). X stay at the same color (blue). * Changed the color from light blue to green. X stay at the same. In this experiment, we find out that bread and potato contain starches; milk, bread, oil and cheese contain cheeses; egg write, milk, bread, cheese and the unknown solution contain proteins; milk, bread, potato and cheese contain glucose. And we can see that there are a lot of proteins in the egg white by the color of the solution changed from blue to orange. And we know that there are a lot of starches in the bread, too, because the color of the iodine solution changed from brown to black very quickly. When we add the iodine solution to the bread, it changed the color very quickly. It's almost the same time as the iodine solution touch to the bread. ...read more.


Vitamins are present in a large variety of foods. If we lack the necessary vitamins in our diets, we may suffer from deficiency diseases or even die. Vitamins are usually lablled with letters such as A, B, C, D, E, K, etc. Minerals Minerals are inorganic compounds that have a definite chemical composition and usually have a regular internal crystal structure. Minerals are found in non- living things like rocks. They serve important functions in regulating the metabolism of our body and in its structure. Minerals contain the elements we need. These elements included sodium, calcium, iron, iodine, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium and chlorine. Water Water is a vital food substance. It serves as a solvent to dissolve other chemicals in the body. Chemical reactions occur within it and it transports substances within the body. It also helps to regulate our body temperature. It dilutes waste products and poisons, reducing their harm to us. Dietary fibre Dietary fibre is sometimes known as roughage. Many people neglect it as an important food substance. Dietary fibre is indigestible. It comes from the cell walls of plants, i.e. the cellulose in vegetables and fruits. It is important in increasing the volume of food passing along the alimentary canal. If a person does not have adequate fibre in his diet, constipation may result. ...read more.

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