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Vegetarianism "We are all living graves of murdered beasts slaughtered to satisfy our appetites. Like crows we live and feed on meat regardless of the suffering and pain."-G.B.Shaw Good morning. My topic today is vegetarianism. Being a vegetarian or non vegetarian is considered just a matter of a family's choice or a matter of personal attitude. But there are strong scientific reasons which back vegetarian food. Humans are meant to be vegetarians. I am not saying so in a spur of emotions or moral values. Human physiology clearly justifies the statement. Our history proves it. Anthropology gives a lot of evidences of our descent from apes. All primates have evolved to be herbivores. The prehistoric man had no claws or sharp front teeth to hunt for animals. He roamed about in jungles looking for fruits or roots. Our physiological make up resembles more closely to herbivores than to meat eaters. Apart from the absence of claws there are no sharp front teeth to serve the purpose of tearing. ...read more.


3) Non veg diet lacks the necessary fibre content. Indigestion is the obvious result. Scientific data is strong that vegetarians suffer a lesser number of intestinal diseases. 4) Meat is considered an inferior fuel for the human body since it generates many acidic waste products when metabolized. 5) There are reports about signs of metabolic stress after a meal of animal flesh which include increase in whire blood cell count and red blood cells becoming sticky and sludging in small blood vessels. 6) High blood pressure is yet another ailment, the incidence of which is more in non vegetarians. 7) Obesity is mostly found in non vegetarians than in vegetarians. Most animal products are high in calories. The fibre content of veg diet controls overeating by exerting a satisfying effect on appetite thus preventing obesity. A common argument given in support of non vegetarian diet is that it is richer in proteins and vitamins. ...read more.


Don't you think it is really cruel to kill an innocent animal just to satisfy your appetite? Thousands of birds, cows and fish are slaughetered just to form an item on our menu. Even the cows who provide us with milk are not spared when they are of no commercial use. Male offsprings who are useless in the milk business face the same fate. Isnt it all very mean? A common argument is that plants also have life. But usually in the case of most fruits and vegetables the whole tree or plant is not cut to give food. Plants are a lower form of life. They do not experience pain as deeply and extensively as animals who have brains and with which they can feel and think. It is true that life depends on life. In that case it is better to take a minimum number of lives to satisfy your hunger. Whenever you see an attractive non veg dish before you, just keep in mind that it is there as a result of another creatures death. Thank you. ...read more.

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