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What problems are associated with an imbalance of the intake energy giving food and the individuals energy expenditure?

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What problems are associated with an imbalance of the intake energy giving food and the individuals energy expenditure? One of the problems associated with having an imbalance in an individual diet compared to his/her energy expenditure is Obesity. "Obesity is a medical condition characterised by storage of excess body fat" (Encarta encyclopaedia). Although a human being needs a certain amount of body fat for things such as energy, insulation and protection of internal organs fat in excess can cause such health problems such as diabetes mellitus, coronary heart disease and hypertension. Obesity is measured through comparing the individual's height and comparing in relation to their body weight and is calculated by dividing the body weight by height squared (kg/m2 ). This process is called the body mass index (BMI) and determines a desirable body weight, people with a BMI of 25.0 and 29.9 are considered overweight, those with a BMI of 30 or above are considered as obesity. Country Age Range Year Prevalence (%) ...read more.


Finally, and the most influential in recent years (evident in the above table) is the lifestyle of an individual e.g. "increase in fatty foods, irregular mealtimes and fewer smokers" (Stewart Truswell). After interviewing several people one quote stuck in my mind "I feel like I have no life, obesity is my life and it's taking over, society" (Janette Graham). Over the past century there has been a dramatic increase of calorie consumption and a decline in physical activity and, as well as this a higher interest, availability, selection and the common choice of convenience foods over healthy foods has led to the increase of obesity, particularly in developed countries. Obesity can develop into a lifelong condition through the mentioned factors, but although obesity cannot be stopped in some cases it can be managed and prevented through a combination of "Diet, Exercise, Weight loss medication and Behaviour modification or, in drastic circumstances - Surgery" (Encarta encyclopaedia). When dieting an individuals emphasis should not be not eating at all (health risk due to the lack of elements for a balanced diet) ...read more.


due to their dramatic effect and possible risks or side effects of their consumption. One such drug is Sibutramine, which increases fullness and so, makes it easier for the change in diet and maintenance of weight loss easier to accomplish, but this drug carries with it the possible side effect of a highly increased blood pressure. Another such drug is Orlistat that stops the bodies' absorption of fat molecules. The final and most extreme method of achieving weight loss is through surgery (advised for the severely obese i.e. BMI > 40). There are two accepted surgical procedures for weight loss: gastroplasty and gastric bypass. Although they are two different methods both dramatically reduce the size of the individuals stomach to a pouch, which drastically limits the amount of food the individual can consume and so achieving weight loss. Even though surgery is often successful even after it an individual must follow a specific diet and exercise regime as stated above to maintain a healthy weight and so live a long and happy life. Andrew Wilson T 1-7 Andrew Wilson T 1-7 28/04/07 Human Biology Coursework (Skills I + J) ...read more.

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