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Babies in china with love and conflict related to blood brothers.

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Babies in china with love and conflict related to blood brothers My first performance in drama was about adoption in china. As there is a law in china since the 1970's that only one pair of parents can have only one child, our story consists of a teenage girl having twins so she needs to give one up for adoption and there is a English woman who is willing to adopt there second child. But there are complications, as the mother of the twins will not admit to who the father is. In play Blood brothers there is a woman who is allowed to have more than one child as she lives in England but she has too many children and cant afford any more and she is pregnant with twins. ...read more.


The fact that a law was placed in the country choosing for you how many children you have are striped of your independent family rights and the government is ruling your life. Also blackmail you can have great free medical care and education but if choose to have more than one you are stripped of these privileges. Blood brothers in set in England during the 1960's there was also political tension as this was the era of the youth revelation and it was seen as many things going wrong in society. Therefore, in play, there is pressure of living a normal life and Mrs Johnston has too many children and she didn't have enough money. ...read more.


Apart form all the issues included in the blood brothers is did seem realistic apart form some parts when characters broke in to song, in real life this day and age in society, people do not brake in to song. The laws in china were harsh but in our play we made them seem as though the weren't that bad. We made it seem that it gave chances to other such as people who couldn't have children could now adopt or choose to have segregate mother who carries the child although, they didn't have IVF treatment so they couldn't be blood related but still the adopting parents would know the child since birth enforcing and more dramatic ending. The style of the my piece was improvised and we included monologs. ...read more.

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