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billy liar-english

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Identify the main themes in 'Billy Liar' by focusing on extracts involving Billy and his father. As a director, how might you work with your actors to enable them to understand and convey these themes more fully? 'Billy Liar' by Willis Hall and Keith Waterhouse was written in 1959. It was adapted from the novel written by Keith Waterhouse. The play 'Billy Liar' is set in the 1950's, a bleak, drab decade, following the Second World War. People's lives were colourless and dull; things were black and white. Very few people had TV, and most were entertained by the radio. The play 'Billy Liar' is set in a small town, which reflected the boringness of the time and the fact that there was nothing for youths to do. At the time in which the play is set, England was very poor, this was a very depressing time for its citizens. Teenage culture was non existent in the early 1950's. There was no such thing as teenage fashion or teenage music. The teenagers would simply reflect the fashion and music that their parents liked. ...read more.


When Billy first enters reading the paper, the actor should saunter into the kitchen and wait a few seconds, looking interested in the paper, before saying the first lines- 'Cabinet Changes Imminent'. When the actor delivers this line of dialogue they should look up to the audience and put on a posh accent, as if mimicking someone. When Billy enters the scene and Geoffrey replies to his comment, we should straight away get a feel of the sort of relationship between the 2 characters. The actor playing Geoffrey should get across the hostility between Geoffrey and Billy straight away. In order to do this Geoffrey should be looking down at the table and straight after Billy has finished his lines Geoffrey should come straight in with 'yes, and you'll be bloody imminent if you don't start getting up on a morning' Almost cutting Billy off. The lines should be short and sharp, to get across the tension. Geoffrey should have an angered expression on his face. The actor should really emphasise the word 'bloody' We should immediately recognise the change in Geoffrey when Billy enters the scene. ...read more.


She'll take some keeping. By bloody hell! She had her share of that pork pie, didn't she?' this demonstrates how rude and hostile Geoffrey is to Billy and that he takes every opportunity to criticise and humiliate Billy. It also shows that in almost every sentence, Geoffrey manages to get the word 'bloody' into it, when addressing Billy. When Geoffrey and Billy are talking, you begin to see a slight bit of warmth between the two, but it only lasts for a few seconds, before Geoffrey returns to his normal antagonistic ways. I think the playwrights of 'Billy Liar' were very successful in getting across the awkward relationship between Billy and Geoffrey. I think they did well in capturing the two completely different personalities and demonstrated the clash of generations clearly. I also like the way the themes were put across, I think it were really clear and easy to grasp. Billy's fantasies and lies and the seriousness of them, were put across well. It shows that however much Billy tries to change his life, it will always be the same. ?? ?? ?? ?? Georgina Peak English coursework ...read more.

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