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'Blood Brother' Live Theatre Evaluation

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'Blood Brother' Live Theatre Evaluation The Set & Scenery: The play did not have much scenery. The terraced street scene was always at the sides, and was blacked out whenever it was not needed in a certain scene. Other scenes, for instance Mrs. Lyons first house the scenery consisted of a window and the wall around it as a flat, which was lowered from above whilst the blackout. The narrator helped it into position. For Mrs. Lyons second house the hedge and wall was wheeled in from the wings on trucks, often through the arches on the left. All the scene changes, except for one or two, happened with lights up and the narrator mostly would bring on the scenery. ...read more.


The costumes themselves were very interesting thought they were simple, with touches such as the stains on Mrs. Johnson's faded flowery pinafore or the rips on Mickey's jumper and his long socks. I was really amazed how natural the rips in Mickey's jumper looked. Acting: In my opinion the acting was the best part in the play. The actors/actress were all great and I think they played their part really well. They acted really well that without reading the script before hand (like me) you could easily figure out who is rich and who is not. Although most of the parts were fairly simple in terms of language, as soon as the actors/actress are on stage you expect it to be believable and obvious. ...read more.


They unexpectedly become friends and 'blood brothers'. They grow up, occasionally crossing paths. In the end one becomes jealous and angry with the other that he threatens him with a gun. At this point both mothers arrive, one with a gun of her own. The other tells them that they are brother hoping that they will not kill each other but as a result of this the mother with the gun shoots them both dead. While I watched the play I went through lots of different emotions. The play had laughter, sorrow and death. At the end of the play I thought about life and death and most of about friendship. I think that 'Blood Brothers' is a great play and also to learn about life, destiny and family love. ...read more.

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