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Blood Brothers Portfolio Section A

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Rhian Hughes Unit One Portfolio Blood Brothers - Genre, Style and Convention The play we have been studying is 'Blood Brothers' by Willy Russell. Its genre is musical though it can be described in other ways. It could be described as a tragi-comedy, although it could also be described as socio-political because it deals with problems such as poverty and un-employment. Blood Brothers was written in the early 1980s when there was a lot of social division and political unrest. It is based in Liverpool, Northern England where there was high un-employment rates in the inner city. It is about two families that live in Liverpool but are from very different backgrounds. ...read more.


"Devastating ... a masterpiece. If you haven't seen it, go. If you have, go again" News of the World Blood Brothers is probably best performed in a naturalistic way as to get the meaning of the story across and for it to make a big impact on an audience. For most of the scenes in our group we are going to do them in a naturalistic way to try and make a more emotional impact. Although one scene is a montage and there isn't much dialogue so we have decided to do this scene in a berkoffian style. In rehearsals we have used a few different conventions to get into character. ...read more.


In the performance we are looking at putting in monologues for Mrs Johnstone and Mrs Lyons. This will be at the end to get their reactions to what has happened. We are going to improvise around this in rehearsals to see different reactions and which would fit best to each character. We have changed the order of the scenes we are going to do from the order they are in in the play so it will be like a flashback. We are going to start with the death scene, then go back to the beginning and follow with the events leading up to and after the deaths of Eddie and Mickey. We may also use split focus to highlight the similarities and differences between both families. ...read more.

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