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Blood Brothers - Response Task

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GCSE Drama 1699 Paper 1, Unit 2- Portfolio Response Task Throughout our coursework we explored the play 'Blood Brothers' by Willy Russell. In order to do this, we used a selection of various explorative strategies to further develop our understanding and knowledge of the play. Initially, we used the explorative strategy 'Still Image' in order to explore how the characters Eddie, Mickey and Linda develop throughout the play as a reflection of their ages and what events in the play affect them. 'Still Image' is when characters are still, showing emotions and possibly depicting an image from a scene. It's useful in drama as you can focus on a particular section and explore what themes and character aspects are portrayed. We used 'Still Image' whilst creating our own compilation of still images to represent how these three main characters have grown up and changed in three main stages of the play: When they were children, teenagers and adults respectively. ...read more.


Our levels were low; especially Dan's who crouched, to connote the low emotions at that stage. Eddie and Linda stood closer together away from Mickey suggesting via proxemics that their relationship had got considerably closer. This explorative strategy really helped me to understand the way in which my character developed throughout the play, how the themes surrounding these characters changed and how the play was structured. As a result, we were able to perform with these characters and represent their ages in greater detail, hence this strategy proved very useful to us. Another explorative strategy that was of great use to us was 'Hot Seating.' This is where a person gets in the role of their character and is question by other people. They respond as they think their character would. It's useful in drama because the people asking the questions learn more about the character and the person in role creates back-up stories and traits that may not be included in the script. ...read more.


We also used it in the performance, and as a result it proved very effective as it emphasised Hollie's line. An explorative strategy that I think came in extremely useful is 'Thought Tracking.' This is where a character's thoughts are spoken aloud but other characters in the scene can't hear them. It's useful in drama because it's an effective way of exploring characters' deep thoughts and emotions, and their views on events and other characters. An example of where we incorporated this strategy is the scene with Mrs Johnstone where Mrs Lyons asks for one of her twins. We used a group of four. Two of us played the parts of Mrs Johnstone and Mrs Lyons, and the other two of us spoke our character's thoughts aloud whilst the scene was being performed. As a result we were able to explore our characters and I was able to gain the knowledge of what other people's opinions were on what emotions/thoughts my character had at that point. Hence, it was a very useful explorative strategy as it increased my knowledge and understanding of the character's thoughts. ...read more.

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