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Blood Brothers Review

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Blood Brothers Review Blood Brothers is a famous play that is performed nearly everyday at the Phoenix Theatre, on Charing Cross Road. We have been studying the basic story line of the play and using it as our stimuli for similar improvisations, but seeing it being performed professionally on stage in a theatre is quite a different experience. The play is about a single mother called Mrs Johnstone who struggles to bring up her seven children because of finance problems. When she gives birth to twins, her rich boss who longs to have a child offers to take one of the twins and pass it off as her own. Unsure, Mrs Johnstone agrees on the bases that she will be able to see him everyday. After her boss, Mrs Lyons, takes the baby, she coldly fires Mrs Johnstone, as she is worried that the baby will later discover that he has a twin. She is worried because she believes in a curse that states that if twins are separated at birth, they must not discover that they are twins or else both twins will die. When the boys, Edward and Mickey were 7 they accidentally met, and became best friends, but do not realise they are twins as they are not completely identical. As they have completely different lifestyles they start to grow apart and when they hit 19 they have separate lives. ...read more.


She demonstrates the love she has for him though voice, and facial expressions. The actress smiles gently, and constantly looks at Edward with big, widen eyes. Her voice was also gentle, quite high, and she speaks to him slowly and calmly. She also shows that she is upset that Edward is moving by occasionally looking down. This encourages sympathy from the audience. In the last scene, Mickey demonstrates that he is frustrated, upset and furious. This actor is required to show this and he builds up tension right until he shoots Edward. He displays his anger through shouting and screaming at Edward and his frustration shown through him holding his head with his hands. The way he builds up tension is by first talking quietly, then shouting. He also waves the gun about as if he was going to shoot Edward many times, but he doesn't. When he does actually shoot him, the gun is down and he suddenly brings it up, which was unexpected and so the shocked the audience. In both scenes that have been described, the actors successfully capture the audience through their convincing emotions and actions. The actors are not the only factor that contributes to the success of the play. The setting, lighting, effects, music and the staging of the performance are also important. This is because it can build up tension, highlight a character's emotion or simply display where a scene is located. ...read more.


The play explores how Mickey has a profound lack of opportunities, as he is from the lower class and how Edward doesn't have to struggle in life because he is from a higher class. I was very sympathetic towards Mrs Johnstone, especially when she almost dreamt of having enough food to feed herself and her children. Watching the play made me realise truly how the social class system was very unjust. From the performance I feel that I have gained a higher understanding of the importance of using dramatic techniques. I now realise how effective flash-forwards, and having a narrator can be to demonstrating quite a complex story line. I have also learnt that flash-forwards also capture the audience's attention immediately and makes them wanting to know more. I think a very strong aspect of the performance was the drastic contrasts in scenes from comedy to tragedy. I have learnt that the contrast can be integrated in a play realistically and keeps the audience interested as they do not no what mood to expect next. In my opinion, the best part of the play was in the last scene where the twins find out that they are twins. This is because it captured my full attention, and contained the most tension and suspense. The main differences between seeing the play and reading it was that obviously we couldn't it as musical because we couldn't sing the songs. Also reading it just told me the story line however seeing it brought out the true emotion, tension and atmosphere which is contained in Blood Brothers. ...read more.

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