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Character Assessment

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Character Assessment We are currently studying 'The Crucible' wrote by Arthur Miller. This is based in the 17th Century. In 1697. It is based around true events. On the Salem Witch Hunts this was known as McCarthyism (Witch Hunts) The play is about accusation, lying. And affair. And a number of key characters. Ranging from the usually strong, proud character Proctor. To the deceiving young Abigail. And Revarand Paris a distressed priest in worry over his sick daughter. I will cover a short extract and explain how I believe John Proctor should be played during a chosen scene. At pages 27-30. First I would give tall, Strong gestures. ...read more.


I believe he feels great remorse for the fact he had an affair with Abigail. But he still feels a passion towards her. As he try's to hide this by saying ' I May think of you softly from time to time, but ill cut off my hand before I reach for you again'. Because he feels very strongly to his wife Elizabeth. He is desperately trying to appear strong to deter Abigail. This is why I believe his voice should be clear and emotionless. But with the occasional moment of softness in his tone. Like when he feels sympathy for her as it is written in the stage directions on pg29. ...read more.


I would accept his body language to change here to a much more aggressive posture. And his Voice to be much firmer. In a mark of anger. Proctors movements would normally be big steps, slowly and surely. To project his proud, tall, strong character. But in this scene I would expect a much more agitated movement. Possibly pacing back and forth when he is unsure what to say, and being much more hurried when he becomes angry. His voice should build up throughout and become more passionately furied as Abigail continues to question him. And his facial expressions should display a hint of disgust, as it says he is angry with himself. So he is obviously frustrated. Finally at the later end of the scene he should go back into the Proctor everyone knows when Reverend Paris comes into the room. And try regaining control over the situation. ...read more.

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