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Character development.

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Drama Essay Character development My first project in drama was to create a character in a family that was part of a soap opera. By the end of the project we had filmed a short film of the family, which was very successful. Each member of the family had their own individual character and background. In the first few lessons we did work on developing both the final character and characterisation in general. To start with we took a random item from are bags. This could have been anything from a pencil to a water bottle. Using this item we decided who would have the item and words to describe this item. Without knowing it you had come up with a character. This method is very effective for deciding basic details about your character. After this initial exercise we had time to decide finally what are character would be. ...read more.


Doing improvisation as part of the project helped as you could get into the character and act and think like them on the spot instead of planning ahead what you are going to do. Improvisation helped me develop my character as I could both get used to playing the character and try out different ways of doing so. I could then get a better more refined character at the end of it. A form of improvisation is hot seating this is when somebody is questioned on the spot. They have to behave and answer as their character. When I was hot seated it helped me to act my character more naturally and to get more of a background to the character by answering the questions. I developed my characters voice, body, personally etc by picturing the character in my head. ...read more.


I felt that they blended into the background and I wished they had stood out more. During this project I have learnt some valuable things about character work. I have enjoyed working in large groups more than I thought I would do. When I do again I need to have more confidence and try and stand out more instead of letting other people take charge and do the work for me. Also when working in the family I have learnt that I need express my ideas better and once again don't let people do the work for me. At the end of the project we did a monologue this helped me develop the character. Unfortunately this happened after the project in the future doing something like this would help a lot in developing the character. This project overall has not been entirely successful but has provided me with a lot of useful ideas and experience for future work in developing character. ?? ?? ?? ?? 31st October 2003 Eleanor Simms ...read more.

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