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Compare "Chicken" by Mark Wheeler to "Crucible"

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Compare 'Chicken' by Mark Wheeler with 'The Crucible' by Arthur Miller James Holden In this essay I will compare Mark Wheeler's Chicken with Arthur Miller's play The Crucible. Chicken is set in a built up town in the 21st century. There are many examples in the text to prove this, In Chicken, Gary says "I'm going to buy a DVD for my room". DVD's have only been around in the last seven years. The Crucible is set in a small village called Salem around 1692. I know this because of the blurb on the back of the play. I would make the differences of time and setting in a performance distinct using the relationships between characters. The language which the characters use is very important in setting the scene for the audience. The themes of both the plays are very different. The theme in a performance is very important to the success of the production. It helps the audience understand the play, tells the audience what is going on and helps the audience get involved. There are many themes in Chicken. One of these is family. I know this because Gary says "Liz, can you give us a lift, please, you're the coolest sister anyone could ever have". ...read more.


Religion is a very important theme in The Crucible by Arthur Miller. Everyone is religious, unlike in today's society where there people have different beliefs or none at all. Religion is the centre of the community which is an important aspect of the play. "Pray John and be calm" says Rebecca; she is telling John to calm down by reminding him in his faith with god. Witchcraft is not an aspect of modern life but is very interesting for people to think about. It shows how the world has moved on since the past and how things have changed and everyone sees things differently than they did a few hundred years ago. Betrayal and Religion are still important aspects of today. Even though people may not be blaming each other for things such as witchcraft, affairs and lying are common and revolve around the issue of betrayal. Religion is not so much a big issue but is still a very big part in people's lives. There are many people who are Christians and have strong faith in God. There are also many other religions which shows how people have their own minds and don't follow the crowd like the people of Salem did in 1692. ...read more.


The two characters do not change much throughout the play, but this might be because they plays are set over a very short period. Chicken was set over a few weeks and The Crucible was set over a period of a few months. Family comes first to both characters even though they may not show it. I also think religion is very important to Rebecca. Both pieces are set in a straight drama genre. However I think that The Crucible would suit a more naturalistic style than Chicken. In Chicken, which I am performing for an audience, my group and I use freeze frame and repeating of the word 'chicken' to give a feeling of tension. Another technique I use in my play is multi-role, where Anne is played by the same person who plays Liz. However Anne is always offstage and never seen. If I were to make The Crucible non-naturalistic I would use repetition and movement to show a feelin**g of magic when a group of girls are playing around a cauldron at the beginning of the play. In the stage directions of Chicken, the writer, Mark Wheeler lets the actors know that they can make the performance non-naturalistic. Non-naturalistic plays can be very effective if the techniques are used in a certain way to create an atmosphere while keeping the audience entertained and aware of what in going on in the story. ...read more.

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