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Critical Account of a piece of live Theatre - Willy Russell's 'Blood Brothers'

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Eddy Williams 10N1 2nd June 2003 Critical Account of a piece of live Theatre - Willy Russell's 'Blood Brothers' I saw Willy Russell's Blood Brothers at the Lyceum Theatre in Sheffield. We set of from school at about 6 o'clock and it took approximately 1 hour to get to the theatre in Sheffield. The opening moments of the play were very intriguing with deep, dramatic music playing as undertakers covered up two dead bodies with a white sheet. It was viewed through a wire mesh that was but in front of the acting, this created dramatic and effective lighting for the scene. There was one basic lot of scenery for the play with five different backgrounds including the city, the countryside, two houses, and a law office. ...read more.


The upper class family seemed to have much less energy than the lower class families and spoke in a very posh way with more intellectual words. The play carried, and was based on, two main themes. It concentrated mainly on the issue of baby twins being separated at birth and with this comes the reason for the mother to give one of them up. Money. Mrs Johnston simply couldn't afford to keep two children on top of her other kids so had little choice to give her child away. For me the most humorous moment came in the first half of the play and happened between Mickey, Linda and Eddie. ...read more.


The production was made exciting because of all the paths the play could of taking and you were never quite sure were it would go next, it had a good mix between humour, and seriousness, which the play enjoyable. The play gave me fresh ideas on how to use my space on stage to the top of its potential. This visit to the theatre has encouraged me to go and see more productions. It's important that I continue to see live productions as it teaches me how plays should be carried out correctly. The production left me in a state of good humour. With the funny bits being the bits I can mainly remember. The production made me think about how lucky I am to be in a good family and not have major problems with money. This essay was written by Eddy Williams 10n1. ...read more.

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