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Critical Evaluation Of Blood Brothers.

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Critical Evaluation Of Blood Brothers Title of Play: Blood Brothers Author: Willy Russel Directors: Bob Tompson and Bill Kenwright Theatre: Theatre Royal, Brighton I went to see Blood Brothers at the Theatre Royal in Brighton. The play was directed by Bob Tomson and Bill Kenwright and written by Willy Russel. The play is set in Liverpool where a mother of seven children is expecting twins. She has trouble coping with the bills and buying her children the things they want. She begins a new job working as a housekeeper for Mrs. Lyons . As she becomes to know the woman she discovers her desire to have children. She decides to give one of her expected twins away upon the promise of being able to see him every day. After a while, she is sacked from her job and threatens to tell everybody about their secret. She is then told if she tells the other twin, they will both die. As the brothers grow older, they seemingly grow apart. Mickey is a worker who loses his job, becomes involved in crime and turns into a pill-popping addict. Eddie, with the Lyons' ample finances, attends university and becomes a town official. The brothers become increasingly unable to relate to each other and eventually fate catches up with them as the narrator keeps repeating that for such a separation at birth, ultimately a price has to be paid. ...read more.


Both of these roles were played very well and accurately but not quite convincingly enough to have you believe that they were real brothers. Other roles played well were that of Linda and Mrs. Johnstone. These were good aswell due to the very strong singing performance of Mrs. Johnstone and the acting of Linda during the spell in which Mickey is greatly depressed and dependant on his medication. Other roles played not so well were that of the narrator. I felt that when he sang he shouted and tried to emphasise the lyrics too much on certain occasions and sometimes has a posture and posing more of a preacher. His role should be to work on the conscience of the characters and then to see them develop the ideas planted in their heads by him. Also another role not played particularly well is that of Mrs. Lyons. She does not let us observe the paranoia which is growing in her mind or the desperation and lengths she is willing to go to prevent her child knowing his true identity. She does play some scenes quite well such as the one in which she threatens Mrs. Johnstone to leave and exposes her superstitions. Overall I was not too convinced or drawn by the acting. I felt it was too weak in places which were important parts of the play and was not helped by some quite poor performances from some other members of the cast which was disappointing as the rest of the acting was fairly good. ...read more.


It was also fairly hard time consuming to find and exit. This involved going down several stairs and almost having to guess which one was the way out Overall I was more impressed than I was expecting to be by the production but I was not too enthralled or drawn to the play due to the above mentioned problems and faults in the play. I think it does achieve what it sets out to do but not in a particularly convincing fashion. The majority of the acting is played fairly to very well but the singing and music lets the production down and in a musical that will not help it any way. I did feel also that many other people I had seen the play with had felt it to be uninspiring and not especially good. I think that the other productions of 'Blood Brothers' in other, larger theatres may have been better due to perhaps better actors and certainly more money to spend on a more elaborate set. I do not feel that 'Blood Brothers' was a poor play. This is because it is not the type of play I would go to see and due to this my mind was almost made up before I saw the play. I think that people who would like this sort of production would certainly enjoy it but others who do not will not be convinced and this will do nothing to change their opinion. ...read more.

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