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Discuss the importance of the witches in Shakespeare's Macbeth.

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Discuss the importance of the witches in Shakespeare's Macbeth Introduction I am going to be discussing the importance of the witches in Shakespeare's Macbeth by focusing on three main scenes > The prologue > Act 1 Scene 3 > Act 4 Scene 1 These are the main parts of the play where to witches appear I am going to leave out act 3 scene 5 although it includes the witches it is not recognized as part of Shakespeare's work And Polanski has also left it out of his production There is some very historical importance about the witches The fact that in the time this play was being written people where being accused of being witches and where being burned for it so people would have been very scared and aware of witches and there evil powers they would have been very intimidating. Now day's witches are seen as a fun thing to dress up as at Halloween so polanski would have had a hard time scary a modern audience. ...read more.


When they all say ''Fair is foul, and foul is fair'' this is a main quote from the play it is the basis for all that happens in the play showing that Macbeth on the outside is good but on the inside he has dark evil secrets. Shakespeare does not give the witches names he numbers them 1 to 3 this suggests that they are not human enough to be given a name it also shows ranks in the witches (higher powered witches). The witches are described as withered and worn and very ugly and very hard to tell if they are male or female. They are portrayed to be very ragged and dirty and in polanski's version they are just that Macbeth calls them hags this means very ugly. Polanski gets across the idea of ranks by having them being older and younger the oldest being the most powerful in Polanski's version an old crooked stick is used to mark the dug hole the stick is just like the witches appearance and is also significant as later in the play birnam wood plays a big part and she is using a wooden stick they later use twisted riddles (twisted stick). ...read more.


which is a almost holy item so it is as if they have power of the holiness then Macbeth gets four apparitions appearing in front of him the first one is a armored head appearing that tells him to fear Macduff in polanski's version Macbeth looks into the cauldron that is being used to make the potion and he sees his own face staring back at him then he sees it roll away beheaded then the next apparition he sees is a boy holding a tree saying no man born of a woman naturally can destroy Macbeth in Polanski's version it is a small boy in Armour grown into a fully grown man in Armour this then falls to the ground and snakes come out of it the snakes symbolizing the evil feeling that is constantly growing around Macbeth then it goes to another apparition that tells Macbeth that he will not fall until birnam wood moves to dunsaine in the video it is too men that seem to be mad laughing while they tell him that that he wont fall till birnam wood moves to dunsaine. By Azzedine Hamouda 11t ...read more.

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