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Drama Coursework - Development and evaluation of Disasters

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'Disasters' - Development Postcards written in role, onboard the titanic Dear Mum, Dad and Ben Just got aboard the titanic and room is well nice!! Unpacked all my clothes and im gonna' go to the bar in a bit to meet some lads. The place is amazing and can't wait for the trip. Met a lovely lad, my age, lovely looking, meeting in at the bar tonight. Must go; send you another letter soon. Dear Aunty Nora and Uncle Bob I have just put all my stuff down and I am laying on my new bed for the trip. The ship is amazing! I can't believe how big it is. I am going to have a look around it in a while, after I have unpacked. You will love it here. I am going to go up soon to find out when I am starting work and were it will be, I hope I am in 1st class, it is so posh and wonderful. I am so glad I managed to get this job; it is new lease of work for me! I am sure I will enjoy my trip and I hope you enjoy your holiday, I will see you when I return. Dear Family, I have just arrived on the titanic and it is wonderful, apart from the minor paint work, but I like my room and the eating area is marvellous and very clean. I am unpacking my clothes at the moment, and will join the others for tea in a while. ...read more.


and how they reacted at the time when this happened. We used freeze frame, use of space and slow motion to give the audience the right impression of what happened, how those who weren't involved helped those who mostly needed it at this time. We would also create an impression by using lighting techniques, levels and the different settings. The piece of text was called "Fallen" and to symbolise this we would have to think and explore the way that people fell from the different levels of the towers. First we would have to think that most people would see this as death so they would put themselves in the death position, crossed arms on chest. We would also think of those scared, covering their eyes. Those who were badly injured already, trying to find any way out, diving out of the building head first. Through looking at this made us think how else they would jump. It would be at all different situations and we would show facial and body expressions in still images showing these movements and thoughts while falling. 'Disasters' - Evaluation In creating work based on the theme 'Disasters' I feel that we were very successful and outstanding with our approach. We used several different drama techniques and developed these to portray the different disasters. During our workshops we mostly used still images to create the right picture of who was more important and what the characters personality, mannerisms and posture. ...read more.


We then looked at "fallen". This was a phone call that was made when those who were trapped could get hold of their loved ones. We used split screen to show how the different phone calls are made and what is said. During this exercise we had to think about the way we would use body and facial expressions to show emotion. We then moved on to role play. We created a scene that included levels and thought tracking to create more of an atmosphere to our work. The levels meant that we could show what level the characters were, in relevance to showing how important they were in our role play. During workshop five we also did 3 still images on "The survival list" for the titanic. We used facial expressions and body language to show to the audience the different class. For example the 1st class people would look down on the lower class and their heads would be up very high where's the lower class people their heads would be down all the time. The higher class got to look at the list first so in this case we would see them pushing past the lower class citizens. The facial and body expressions that we used showed that the majority of higher class people were delighted about the news because they were first priority when it came to life boats and survival. The lower class people would be very upset, due to the fact that they weren't as important when the life boats were being filled, so many of the lower classed passengers aboard the ship died. ?? ?? ?? ?? Luke Smith Monday 10th July 2006 ...read more.

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