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Drama Coursework - Evaluation Of Live Performance

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Blood Brothers by Willy Russell Evaluation of live performance On Thursday 12th of February 2009, we went to the phoenix theatre, Charing Cross road to watch the musical "blood brothers" by Willy Russell. The play Blood Brothers is about twins who were separated at birth by their mother Mrs Johnston, who would not be able to cope with even more children. She was working as a cleaner for a rich lady, Mrs Lyons who can't have babies so she persuades Mrs Johnston to give her one. As they grew older, they meet and even through the disapproval of Mrs Lyons become friends. However they fall in love with the same woman and this conflict ultimately leads to their tragic deaths. I enjoyed the starting scene as it started as a freeze frame of the ending scene where the brothers died, there were only lights in the background shining like stars while the rest of the stage was in darkness. This added to the sad, emotional mood of the scene, all you could see was two dead bodies lying in the dark with all the other character standing around looking down on them. ...read more.


With him acting very posh and looking smart and clean compared to the scruffy looking Mickey made the scene funny. Although he did well in this scene, in others when he was acting older he did not do as good. In the final scene when Mickey had a gun pointing toward him, I thought that he did not act shocked or surprised. I thought he did not do much in that scene and did not get into his character as much. Another performance that I thought was poor was Louise Davidston's, who was playing Mrs Lyons. This is because I don't think that she thought about her character, the scene in witch she asked for a baby is meant to be one of the main, powerful scenes but I thought her acting lacked that impact on the stage. But, I thought she was very good at showing the was rich and arrogant, the way she spoke, the accent that she used and how she treated Mrs Johnston made her character more believable. When she found out about the friendship between Mickey and Edward and started going crazy at telling her husband Mrs Lyons (who was played by Stephan Pallister) ...read more.


I enjoyed how they made it unexpected when the police come through the side doors next to the audience, that made the scene more interesting and exciting. The acting between Mickey, Edward and Mrs Johnston captured the emotion of this scene and made it entertaining. The gunshots were fired so quickly and were sudden, which added to the dramatic effect of this scene. After the shooting the lights went dark as the two boys fell on the floor, leaving Mrs Johnston in between them looking in shock and all the other characters standing in the background. This was a very sad and emotional scene and showed to tragedy of the play. Overall, I thought the play was entreating, the theme stayed constant throughout the whole play and it was clear that the issue over class was what they were trying to deal with. The characters remained believable and in some scenes the acting was very good. The lighting continuously changing and the set enhanced the general mood and atmosphere of the play. The costumes at times could have been better but they suited the character and were appropriate for the scenes. The play was amazingly organised, the set made it feel more real and the acting brought it to life. I thought it was a great play and I really enjoyed it. 1 ...read more.

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