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Emily Davidsons Dairy CW

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Emily Davison's diary entry London June 3rd 1913 Dear diary, Today was most eventful. Mrs Pankhurst's announcement has spurned me on with such zest. I was so full of admiration for her bravery and determination in the face of the Peelers brutality. Incarceration can be so awful in these times of oppression. How can one human be so cruel to another? A woman. Do these women feel at all for our plight, or take note of what we want for them as well as ourselves. What I wear tomorrow must be comfortable for me to move freely through the crowd to the edge of the track. New boots will not do, old boots will suffice my ability to move swiftly. ...read more.


Am I still rational in my beliefs? As the darkness falls, I sit with my quill in hand, the only companion until the roar of the crowd at the races tomorrow. It has crossed my mind the worst, but my meticulous plane will prevent any harm coming to me, along with my lord's watchful eye. I will retire now to be bright and alert for tomorrow's events. I hope it does not rain tomorrow, but there will be brighter skies anyway. How I would set the scene of the diary performance of Emily Davison is a chair and big table in the centre of the stage and this would be the main part of the stage. In a choice of how to portray the performance, I would either act as I were writing the entry into the diary ...read more.


I would walk up and down at one stage of the play to think how I am going to get in the derby while shaking my hand to show I am thinking even harder because this is really important to me as Emily Davison. Also I would stretch and yawn because this shows iv been up all night and how long iv been working on this project. This will be a voice over because it would seem that I am writing the letter but instead of watching me write the letter, you will be watching me planning for the derby, I would talk in a annoyed voice because she wants the right for women to vote in the U.K. I would also pause during some parts of the performance to create a tenseness atmosphere. ?? ?? ?? ?? Christopher N Burden Drama Course Work ...read more.

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