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Evaluation of Live Theatre: Nation

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Drama GCSE Evaluation of Live Theatre Nation, at Olivier Theatre at the National Theatre, National Theatre Company, 19.11.09 Nation is a play of two teenagers, Mau and Daphne (nee Miss Ermintrude Fanshaw), thrown together when Daphne's boat travelling from England is shipwrecked on Mau's island. Mau is the last remaining member of his tribe, and Nation is the story of Mau and Daphne's struggle to build a new nation of their own, overcoming language barriers, vast differences in belief and culture, the struggle to keep their new Nation safe, and a battle to defeat Locaha, and evil spirit trying to kill Mau, with a candid parrot, Milton, alongside. ...read more.


The play defines simultaneously the obvious differences between the Nation, and the Western world, and also the subtle underlying similarities linking the two. After certain revelations discovered by Daphne and then Mau in the 'Grandfather Cave', the characters in the play, and the audience watching, are made to question our own history of the western world, and the history of islands such as Mau's in the South Pacific. We are made to reassess what we believe was the beginning of human civilisation, and which cultures we class as being scientifically knowledgeable, and truly civilised. This thought-provoking play open's the audience's minds to other possibilities. ...read more.


The fact that the world is 'uspide down', or the opposite to how we are used to seeing it, suggests to audience that the people of Mau's have a very different perspective on the ways of the world to the people of the western world. The three large screens at the back of the stage give varied and vibrant aesthetics to the set. At certain stages in the play, the screens we blank and dark, directing the audience's attention to the actors at the front of the stage. At other times, with lots of action where the tempo of the plot is quickened, the screens are used to show spectacular underwater scenes, projected onto the screens, filmed with great talent and imagination by ...read more.

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