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Examine the function of knives, flowers, water and blood in the play 'Blood Wedding', by Federico Garcia Lorca.

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Commentary Federico Garcia Lorca - Blood Wedding (Translated by Ted Hughes) Essay Topic: Examine the function of knives, flowers, water and blood in the play. Blood Wedding, a play by Federico Garcia Lorca is a tragedy that depicts the conflicts between the wishes of individuals and the laws of society. Throughout the duration of his play Lorca tells of the coming together of two families through the marriage of the "Bride" and the "Bridegroom;" But this coming together never takes place, due to the "Bride's" love for Leonardo. Being a tragedy in the sense that the protagonists Leonardo and the Bride once loved each other but were unable to marry each other. A tragedy of unfulfilled love. Garcia uses symbols effectively in his play to portray not only the tragedy within the play but the general understanding of it, the most apparent of the symbols being knives, flowers, water and blood. Reference to knives is made many a time throughout the duration of the play, and it can be said it symbolizes both death and violence. ...read more.


The metaphorical value of the flowers can be seen most clearly through the use of the orange blossom. It represented love and was to be worn by the bride at the wedding. Although it represented love, it wasn't real... It was made from wax, a fake just like the love the bride has for the bridegroom, unlike the love she may have had for Leonardo. This may also represent the undying love the bridegroom has for the bride, as the wax flower would never die but it becomes evident that this is not the case. The flowers are used on many occasions throughout the play to depict death and violence. Flowers being alive much like its human counterparts in Lorca's play, whither, deteriorate and eventually die. "Here's my throat. You see how soft it is. Easier than cutting a dahlia in your garden," exemplifying the fragile nature of flowers and how human life is just as fragile. The beggar woman goes on to make reference to flowers when speaking of the death of Leonardo and the Bridegroom. ...read more.


She further says "I would have kept that blood-soaked dirt in a chalice," saving the only remains of the life within him after he had died. Although he was dead she would be able to preserve his blood. Blood is used in the negative way by the father when he says "The blood's no good," referring most likely to the quality of the family, and that same blood flows throughout the entirety of that family. If someone with that blood behaved in a certain way it was believed that because the same blood flowed through the whole family, everyone else belonging to that family had a tendency to commit the same wrong doings. "Blood Is pouring, stronger than the water." The water representing life, as the blood represents death. The blood being stronger than the life, thus prophesises death. Federico Garcia Lorca, uses symbols affectively through out his play to add to the suspense and the ultimate tragedy of it. Using knives, flowers, water and blood throughout the play, the viewer and reader is able to make their own judgements as to what they represent, adding to the dramatic quality of this piece of work. They quite clearly have an important function through out the progression of the play. ...read more.

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