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Glow a review.

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On Wednesday 18th 2003 Theatre centre performed a show called Glow. In my opinion this was a good play as the play had issues which a teenager can relate to. Also the play had a mixture of comedy and serious issues. The stage was a relatively small acting area. This is due to the fact that they preformed it in our school hall. There were positive and negative points about this. The stage was too close to the audience which made it rather inconvenient and unprofessional. Usually when I am watching a professional piece I am deep into the play however with Glow in parts a drifted off. I also felt that watching one of my peers perform a drama piece made me aware that I was not watching a proper theatre play. All the same there were actors on stage and I had seat. The plot is about a 14 years old girl called Kulwinder (Kul for short) ...read more.


At the start of the play Ali is supporting her but towards the end just before the fight in the championships Ali turns his back on her and tells her that women should not be boxing in the first place which is ironic as Ali's own daughter is a professional boxer. Kul yells at Ali and tells him to go away. She left to cope on her alone. He disappears from her imagination and she is left all alone. She panics and is afraid of loosing. Ali and the father are similar as they both don't want her to do boxing. This also shows what the mass society think of female boxers. Kul confided in Ali that she wanted to change her name. He tells her that this was just changing who she was. This was in way stripping her identify and security. The second scene that I thought was very effective was with Ant and Kul. ...read more.


This set was mainly made of a boxing ring. This is where most of the action happened, but it also had Kul's room, house and Ant's house. The main part the boxing ring was blue the same colour the boxing match "Rumble in the Jungle". Mohammed Ali won this game spectacularly. In Ant's area the floor is covered with coloured pixels suggesting a vivid imagination. Also this represents Ant s obsession with the T.V. In Kul's house the floor has red and yellow Squares. These are symbolic colours in the Sikh religion. She also had pictures of Ali the boxer in her room. He is her idol. Another part of the set was a garland this was meant to represent a picture of the mother. There was some sound involved in this play. Mostly a punch bag getting hit and Indian music. For more boxing atmosphere there is boxing commentary going on at the background. The themes that were developed in the play were racism, sexism, puberty and relationships .The main message was that you can do whatever you wanted to do with determination and hard work. By Nada Rahmouni 10Q ...read more.

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