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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: Drama
  • Word count: 2581

I Combed My Hair and Glanced Back At My Brothers Whose Hands Were Meaninglessly Going Up In the Air.

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I combed my hair and glanced back at my brothers whose hands were meaninglessly going up in the air. But then, by natural instinct, my hand started going up in the same timid way. We were waving at one of our friends out of the window, when a thought suddenly crept into my mind - why should we go? I had always thought of the dome as a pointless white tent, a waste of money and a tourist trap. That's why I had suggested to my brothers that the dome should be converted into a place of new inventions and technology. This idea was the one I wrote in the schools newsletter monthly competition although I knew that the idea would be dismissed by one of the teachers like they did with all my other ideas over the past months. My brothers thought that my idea was very rational though they preferred the original idea of the dome. I thought that was fair enough. I didn't want to visit the gigantic marquee just because my brothers did. Why should I continue to meet everybody's expectations and act as my brother's carbon copy? The three of us brothers spent everyday together sharing the same fair appearance, hobbies and friends. Everyone knew the three of us as either Kav, Harsh n' Bhav or Bhav, Harsh n' Kav. We very much liked the attention as we were knew to the country and got to meet many people and make new friends. ...read more.


We all decided to go to the Dome together tomorrow, although, I still didn't like the pointless white tent and I still thought it was a waste of money but I didn't mention anything to upset my brothers. That night went rapidly and we all slept very soundly. After breakfast, it was time for us to leave for our trip to the dome. As we reached the auditorium, my youngest brother sat on the shiny, yellow plastic chair and my other brother and I sat on the chairs either side of him. The eclectic cocktail of faces from ages to races fascinated the three of us. The loud music began and many brightly costumed figures appeared from the scaffolding above. The acrobats and dancers were astoundingly good with a change of props and backdrops every couple of minutes. Although one of my brothers didn't understand the plot, he was astounded by the performance and future ambitions of becoming a stilt walker came into his mind. At the end of the show, my brothers and I headed towards the Body Zone before it got busy. The feeling of rushing around the metal barriers, knowing that later on there would be hundreds of eager visitors waiting in anticipation to enter the famous Body Zone crept into my mind. My brother was puzzled as to why the heart was next to the foot and why the organs seemed to be misplaced in the over-sized human's bodies and felt disappointed when he realised that he'd learnt more in his last PE lesson. ...read more.


He called me over and my mum asked me about my day. I began to tell her my views about the dome. I mentioned what I thought of the dome, about It being a pointless white tent and a waste of money because, after all, I am entitled to my own opinions. I told her that I did enjoy the magnificent display at the end. The phone began to ring, I ran to answer hoping it was one of my friends, ``Hello, Kavit speaking. Who is calling?'' ``It's Mr. McNally, you know, your geography teacher. I have a confession to make.'' ``Errrrm,, Ok'' ``Well, you know I'm the editor of the school newsletter?'' ``Yes, and...?'' ``Well, I'm also an avid reader of 'The Supernatural and the Paranormal' magazine, and you know the competition I forced you into entering?'' ``Mmmm, yep?'' ``Well, I sent your idea off to the letters page, and guess what? - It's the star letter!'' ``Cool. Oh yeh - so that's why you confiscated my magazine?'' ``I'm sorry to say, but yes, it is. ..................but I wouldn't worry if I were you, you've won the star prize - �500!! The editor of the magazine loved your creative idea, bringing a current issue (the dome) and the inventions together'' ``Great!! Thanks'' I was absolutely delighted and ecstatic that I'd have something to boast to my brothers about. My imagination ran wild as to how I was going to spend the money. It certainly was 'One Amazing Day' for the three of us ?? ?? ?? ?? English Coursework: Personal Writing Kavit Haria ...read more.

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