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In the past couple of drama lessons I have been studying and re-acting some of the scenes from the well known stage play blood brothers, written by Willy Russell - Response and development

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In the past couple of drama lessons I have been studying and re-acting some of the scenes from the well known stage play blood brothers, written by Willy Russell. Myself and the rest of my class looked at all different aspects of the play, from the lighting and staging, right down to the themes and issues that Willy Russell wanted his audience to go away thinking about. In my first drama lesson focusing on Blood Brothers we initially began by looking at the different themes and issues of the text. The main issues were, class, poverty, separation and superstition. We started by having a class discussion about these, and airing our views and feelings towards the topics. After the class discussion we got into groups of around four to five people and looked at a preferred issue (mine was separation). From this we brainstormed the chosen issue and how it was linked with the play. We were then asked to create a still image from the text using different drama techniques showing this issue. Me and my group chose to do a freeze frame with me and a class mate acting out the twins being separated from birth, we did this by being pulled in difference directions hence showing the separation. We then held up a placard with a quote from the text saying "from birth they did depart", not just making the freeze frame more effective but also giving a better understanding about the still image. ...read more.


* She already has eight children, so I cannot see how much difference a ninth and tenth child will make. * Superstition says that it will all result in death. I also did reasons why Miss Lyons should and should not take the baby, and they looked like this: FOR * She cannot have any children of her own. * This could be her one and only chance of ever having a baby. * Mr Lyons has said he will not adopt, and by doing it this way he will believe that his wife has given birth naturally, due to the fact that he is working away for nine months. AGAINST * Her husband could find out, and it could result in a break up of their marriage. * She would have to keep it a secret from everyone if she took one of the twins. * Mrs Lyons is very superstitious and believes that if the twins ever found out that they were twins they would both die. Finally we did some writing in role where we had to put our selves into Miss Johnstone's life and write a diary pretending that we knew that Miss Lyons was coming round in the morning to collect one of the twins. Or we could be Miss Lyons and write about how we felt towards taking someone else's child. I chose to take on the role of Miss Johnstone and wrote how devastated I was that I had to give away one of my own children and could not tell anyone. ...read more.


The tempo of the play was very fast as all the children are quite hyper though we did slow it down in parts by using physical theatre, where we acted in slow motion without any words. Before the play we did writing on the wall where we drew a picture of our character and wrote inside him/her on what they are like. In the play we did not use any lighting, but if we did it would have been a nice bright white light gleaming on the stage, to represent that we are kids, it's a nice bright day and there was no danger. Although when Mickey swore I would have changed the light to a red spot light on Mickey, to show that to them it means danger and something might happen, as red represents death, danger and blood. In the play we did not have the biggest of stages but we tried to fill it up as much as we could, as children are very hyper active and run around all the time, so our action went from one area to another. We ran everywhere and were very energetic, I think we covered most of the space as best we could and thought that our play seemed to turn out good, we managed to take on even the slightest of details that children do, like run everywhere, roll around and pulled our jumpers over our knees when we were sitting. Daniel Bascombe Drama Miss Carr Blood Brothers ...read more.

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