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In this essay I will be comparing how Roman Polanski, Trevor Nunn and Anne Ross Muir have produced the play Macbeth and how they have portrayed the witches.

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COMPARING THE THREE DIFFERENT PRODUCTIONS OF MACBETH: ACT 1 SCENES 1 AND 3 In this essay I will be comparing how Roman Polanski, Trevor Nunn and Anne Ross Muir have produced the play Macbeth and how they have portrayed the witches. Different directors each have a different point of view, their own opinions about things and the ability to make different decisions. The three different directors have produced the Macbeth scenes in a different way, and the scripts have been interpreted by each director differently. Roman Polanski started act one, scenes one at the seaside. Roman Polanski has presented the first witch as blind about sixty years old and wearing dark clothing. The second witch was about forty five years old, she was wearing shabby clothing and had wrinkly skin. The third witch looked very young about twenty three years old, she had a few pimples on her cheeks and she had blond hair. The witches dig up a hole in the sand and place three objects in the sand which are; a dagger placed in a severed hand and a noose. ...read more.


So far in scenes one and three the third witch has not said a word, not even in the spell. Maybe this could be one of her disabilities. Once Macbeth and Banquo come the witches have used a method similar to catching a fish. They greet him "Hail" then they tell Macbeth information about himself that he likes, this is in the form of bait the witches walk down the hillside and Macbeth follows. The witches now know that Macbeth is interested in what they are saying. Trevor Nunn has produced Macbeth in black and white. You can see that the witches age range is very similar to the witches in Roman Polanski's version of Macbeth. You see the three witches screaming, getting louder and louder. Whilst the witches are screaming Duncan was dressed in white clothing and was praying in Latin. The witches were wearing dark furry clothing. I think that in this part of the play Trevor Nunn was trying to show that Duncan was holy and the witches were evil. ...read more.


Roman Polanski set scene one at the seaside but in the text version of Macbeth scene one is set on the heath. I think that Roman Polanski set scene one on the seaside because he may have thought that it was a better way of showing how to make a spell. How ever Trevor Nunn had made his version of Macbeth in black and white to get a better effect, for example the screaming. The starting of scene one was very different from either Roman Polanski's or Anne Ross Muir's. In the versions by Roman Polanski and Trevor Nunn the witches are a very similar age but in Anne Ross Muir's version the witches are very young. I think that Roman Polanski and Trevor Nunn were trying to portray the fact that people have an image in their mind that witches are old hags who have black cats and broomsticks to fly about on. Roman Polanski and Trevor Nunn have kind of stuck by this idea but not to the full extent. They have both used a different age span among the three witches to show that all different people can be witches, even young people. ...read more.

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