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In this essay I will be looking at the film opening of Blade.

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Practical Production Research By Ajay Clare In this essay I will be looking at the film opening of Blade. I have chosen Blade because it relates to the project I am doing because it is a horror movie. Blade is adapted from the comic strip, Wesley Snipes stars as Blade, a half-man, half-vampire who avenges his mother's death. I will now analyse the opening scenes of Blade - 'Club Blood' and 'The Daywalker' to give me ideas on how I can use similar techniques in my film. The scene is set in a nightclub. The set is dark, and 'bursts' of high key strobe lighting are used to create the atmosphere of the nightclub. ...read more.


The camera then cuts to a medium close-up of the girl in white dancing, which is now in slow motion. There is then a cut to a man who has just entered the nightclub. This is the character that the filmmakers want us to identify with, and they achieve this through many ways. One of the ways we learn to identify with this character is through many close-up shots of him. This makes us question why the filmmakers have chosen this specific character for us to identify with. We then start to get the feeling that something is wrong in the nightclub when everyone starts to watch the man strangely. ...read more.


Everyone around the man then reaches their hands out into the air as if reaching up for something, which gives us the feeling that everyone apart from the man (and us) know something that we don't. The man then slowly draws his head up, and the camera begins to tilt upwards slowly revealing the ceiling. The lighting then begins to get brighter and the music louder, which increase our suspense. Now that the lighting has become brighter we can see signs saying 'Blood Bath'. This sign then assures our assumptions about the red liquid on the man's hand being blood. This alarms us and makes us feel insecure, because we are worried about what will happen to the character we are identifying with. Now that I have concluded my research I know now how and what techniques I can carry forward to my practical production. ...read more.

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