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GCSE: Personal Performances

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  1. Drama Coursework

    I thought the still image was particularly important as it created the atmosphere for the scene as a pose to starting straight away, it also allowed the audience to gain recognition of the main theme running throughout our piece, bullying. While Holly, Caitlin and Nancy were throwing paper balls at me and speaking about me in an upsetting manor, I progressed from being annoyed to becoming 'mad', through fury and rage. This was most forcefully portrayed by facial expressions and actions including me rocking on my chair and holding my head in my hands to show a furious state.

    • Word count: 3698
  2. Drama Course Work

    She had to suffer through prejudice, but she believed that she was supported by God's angels. In the next lesson, we got into three large groups and made tableaus of when Joan captured the main fort of Les Tourelles to liberate Orleans. We had someone to narrate each freeze frame, which helped us to see how someone would describe a scene in few words. It also helped us to understand how characters would react to each other, as well as the physicality of each scene.

    • Word count: 3465
  3. Drama Sparkleshark

    But on a further read through I became aware of the group status and I understood that Philip Ridley wanted social status to be a major theme of the play. The story telling scene also began to flow more smoothly after a second read. RESPONSE PHASE Role Play To understand and explore the piece further we used a range of different techniques. Firstly we were asked to use role-play and to create two additional scenes to be inserted before and after the play.

    • Word count: 6218
  4. Charmed I'm Sure

    Snow White: Sleepy? Doc: He just wouldn't wake up Snow White: Sneezy? Doc: He caught Bird Flu. Snow White: And Bashful? Doc: He's the Prime Minister! Snow White: Like Phoney Blair? Doc: The very same. Snow White: Pity. Doc: Yes. Snow White: Do you still want the soup? Doc: I'd better go to be honest, Dopey needs to be cleaned up. Snow White: Ok then, I'll see you soon, Bye! (Doc leaves, bumps into Charming on the way out Charming Enters) Charming: Hello Dear (Looking a bit out of breath) Snow White: Where have you been running?

    • Word count: 3726
  5. GCSE Drama Coursework - Billy Liar Section One: The Response PhaseFor the response phase we worked on three sections of the play to discover and understand

    As well as demonstrating a still very stereotypical family, the role play does contain circumstances that point towards a slightly old fashioned family. Firstly, the fact that the family all had breakfast together is maybe not such a widely done thing nowadays due to busy schedules and varying work hours. The roles of the mother and father also indicate a old fashioned family set up, the father out working while the mother stays home and cooks and cleans, although often still present today, things are beginning to change and you get a lot of working mothers nowadays.

    • Word count: 7457
  6. Response Phase We were assigned the task of creating a Drama improvisation based on the Blood Brothers production we had already seen on the 18th June 2004.

    The tension also created dramatic tension, predictions and irony. Another important themes explored is the issue of how friendships develop and change over a period of time and how family relationships can prove to be destructive. This was shown in the deterioration of Mickey after being lured into crime by his brother. However the most significant way this was shown was in how a mothers' love proved to be destructive to both Mickey and Eddie. Other themes that are explored apparent in Blood Brothers include; * Drugs * Guilt * A love story ending in tragedy Once we had reacquainted ourselves with Blood Brothers, our drama teacher explained into detail exactly what we had to do with our improvisation.

    • Word count: 3479
  7. Drama Portfolio ~ Fear.

    During workshops two and three the significant moment in our drama piece was when the disturbed girl, who was being treated by therapists, was taken to a river. This was suggested by a therapist as the girl had drawn water in her picture so maybe taking her to a river would open her up. Her reaction to being taken to the river was a frightened one. The girl became scared and then saw a cigarette being lighted this frightened her even more and she ran in to a corner.

    • Word count: 3025
  8. Improvisation involves a variety of different factors.

    The scene worked well as we only had one piece of action going on at a time so the audience didn't miss anything. The third title we were given was "The Battlefields". For this scene we worked as a class and we were divided into two sides. We all chose a certain sound effect and set up a barrier of chairs to represent the trenches. We acted in slow motion to increase the effect of our scene, also as we fought in slow motion we repeated our sound effects continuously to make a good background.

    • Word count: 4732
  9. Drama script - Doctor Who - The Lady and the Locket

    Dana cries out in pain and rolls limply down an embankment before coming to a rest at the bottom. He stands over her, victorious, but the sound of the TARDIS engines startle him and he retreats, leaving the wounded Dana. The Doctor, Amy and Rory approach the edge of the embankment and see the injured figure below. Doctor: Oh. He and Rory slide down the embankment and crouch near the limp Dana. Rory: stand back, I?m a nurse! Doctor: I?m the Doctor! Rory checks the wound on the girl?s shoulder. Rory: it?s not a projectile weapon, whatever did this.

    • Word count: 3939

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