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Review of Blood Brothers by Willy Russell.

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BLOOD BROTHERS BY WILLY RUSSELL - ELIZABETH DAVIS We went to the phoenix theatre on the 16th of May to watch the film titled Blood Brothers by Willy Russell. The production was very good because you could differentiate every part of the play. For example levels and the body expressions and movement, I also liked the way they made use of dramatic techniques. The music they used stood out and it went well with the play. My favourite actor was Mrs Johnstone because of the way she expressed herself in the play. For example in the beginning of play, she was happy going dancing with her husband , her facial expression showed her feeling and also when she was told by the gynaecologist that she should be expecting a set of twins. ...read more.


And I also expected he could do better than that. In the production they made use of spotlight (lighting) to mark the moment or what is happening at that point in time, for instance they spotted a red light on top of Mickey and Edward when they were taking an oath to become blood brothers, the freeze frame and slow motion was also made use of this was when Mrs Lyons grabbed a knife in Mrs Johnstone's kitchen when they were having a fight. and as for music it was to show when the characters were in a happy or sad mood and the atmosphere, when Mrs Johnstone went dancing with her husband and also when the two boys died {Mickey , Edward} . ...read more.


Lyon covered Edward with his coat, she was not meant to allow him to cover Edward with his coat, and she should have thrown it away and then cover them with her own The production put together really showed a message this was when the boys met each other and became friends took an oath and always stood by each other till they died. The main message in the play which I feel is BLOOD IS THICKER THAN WATER. The film is emotional that I felt like crying when Mrs Johnstone gave her baby away because she could not take care of them both and also the way she was treated in the production by Mrs Lyons .and when Mickey was sent to jail for crime he didn't commit and really affected him . The production was a very good and interesting movie. ...read more.

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