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GCSE: Reviews of Personal Performances

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  1. Brechtian Performance- Irony

    track would suit it better so this was the technique of music. Our design layout of the stage was fairly simple but the way we spaced the characters around the set were to symbolize the power we each hold in our character or to frame a picture of what the scene is suppose to look like in reality. The use of projection, technology again was simple using a few bright lights may be simple but it conveys so much more to the audience like a dominant part rather than just bright lights put up.

    • Word count: 705
  2. Assessment analysing + commentary

    We chose a male to be working in a cr�che, a male to be a mid wife, a female to be a mechanic and a female to be a miner. This exercise enabled us to see that over time, society has accepted a woman working e.g. it is not bizarre to have a female mechanic; a female mechanic would have been frowned upon 100 years ago. We also discovered that different types of jobs earned a certain amount of respect and most importantly power.

    • Word count: 2259
  3. GCSE Drama: The Five People You Meet in Heaven coursework evaluation sample

    Next time, we should stay in role and motivate each other better. 2. Person 2 - The Captain - Evaluate the Forum theatre showing Eddies forgiveness as he understands why the Captain shot him in the leg. We used forum theatre to portray thus. It worked because the actors who volunteered were very enthusiastic and that flowed through into their acting. The audience contributed by giving advice to the actors, this was effective because we ended up with a different range of idea that contrasted well with each other.

    • Word count: 829
  4. Evaluation of a live theatre performance

    Johnston, Mickey and Edward's birth mother has been forced to provide money for her children this is the reason she agreed to give Edward away she hoped he would have a better life with Mrs. Lyons. The brothers are from very different backgrounds and as their differences in the status quo become more pronounced with maturity, a rift forms between them, when Edward goes off to university. Mickey has completely changed when Edward returns, as he is worried about Linda, his childhood sweetheart to whom he is now married, and his unborn baby and how he will provide for them.

    • Word count: 1793
  5. The stimulus for the topic on fears was given to us by the teacher, ideas originated via the brainstorm. We were set a task and asked to base a play on fears. The particular foundation of our play was to set the fear on agoraphobia.

    It was used when a worker on the stairway says; "use the elevator." The audience singled out this moment and clarified to them that this was a moment of great importance within the piece. The person with the fear had exaggerated every facial expression and body gesture, placing importance on agoraphobia. After showing our work to the class, some had liked the piece because it was humorous from their perspective, although our main achievement was not this. Audibility was decent as our voices were projected and heard. Characterisation was decently proposed, good use of body language from the protagonist.

    • Word count: 3625
  6. Theatre of the Absurd: The Bald Prima Donna - Evaluation

    Ionesco combined his ideas of the tragedy of language and life being meaningless without a God or purpose as the basis for the play, which produced some very peculiar scenes creating humour for an audience. From studying this play, in partners we improvised scenes where strangers had began conversations assuming they new the other person, when in fact they didn't. We also improvised dialogue where each person was a TV channel and when flicking through each pupil, it would pigeonhole on that programme every time it was his or her cue.

    • Word count: 1445
  7. Drama Cwk Miss Julie

    I felt that this was an effective piece drama but there was quite a bit of confusion when transitioning from one still image to another which could have been eliminated by communicating more efficiently. Alia and Hussein were the next group to perform. They performed a scene described in the play where Julie is "training" her fianc�. She is in fact whipping him like a dog. This description provided one of the first insights into Julie's personality. Hussein playing the fianc� knelt down on a block while Alia stood and whipped him while Hannah provided the scripted narration.

    • Word count: 2929
  8. Part One essay for Blue Remembered Hills

    Peter Hark at him! John (singing together) When the mum-moon shines Willie On the cuc-cowshed... Raymond's smile wavers. The story revolves around a summer's afternoon in a remote country setting - the play opens with Willie, eating an apple and pretending to pilot a war plane, when he encounters, falling from a tree as a parachutist, Peter. After a fight over Willie's apple - in which Peter attempts to show how powerful a bully he can be - the two eventually spot a squirrel and chase and corner it up a tree.

    • Word count: 841
  9. Free essay

    After starting with an evolutional device it was time to deliver the message drinking driving to the audience, we decided that we wanted to show the audience the disadvantage of drink driving without any use of comedy

    After few minutes we agreed to start the piece with an evolutional freeze frame of how drinking brings u lower and lower until it destroys one's life, like the scientific theory that states that human beings evolved from gorilla----chimpanzee---- Monkeys ----- homosapiens----- human beings. Andrew in my group was the tallest so he was at be back and Sam the second tallest was after him, then it was me (Tobi) and Patrick followed as he was the short in the group, we were very lucky we had different height and we were able to show the audience the disaster drinking can cause you clearly.

    • Word count: 1515
  10. Performance inspired by the Columbine killings

    About a 3months before we started this unit I was typing my English coursework in my house with the television on and there was a documentary on about columbine but was on concentrating on the documentary because I wanted to finish my English coursework quickly but I was still able to hear the main points of two insane boys commenting a massacre and the documentary explored the terms of high school cliques, media influence, family issues. After the first two lessons it was know clear to me that the people who owned the properties in the bag we explored were

    • Word count: 1509
  11. Response phase

    Teacher: Ok Luka calm down why don't you have a seat while you are waiting or read a book while I do my marking (he goes and sits behind his desk and gets a red pen out) Luka: I don't want to sit down and I don't want to read a stupid book (he says stepping away from his teacher and throws a book down on a table his fist are clenched in to tight balls to show he is angry he does this to show he is annoyed that his parents never look after him )

    • Word count: 897
  12. Examine the theme of sisterhood in the novel look at the ways in which women interact , conflict with, and sympathize with other women.

    The two make a "Sister's Choice" quilt together this is a rather popular symbolism walker uses, just like how scarps of material can come together to make a useful, strong product in the end, so too can black women come together and make a strong enduring union together. Another indicant of sisterhood (also involving Sofia) is when Sofia is imprisoned and the women in her life (Cellie, Shug, Squeak, and Sofia's sisters)

    • Word count: 484
  13. Evaluation. Our piece that we devised from our tragedy was set in the 1940s during World War 2. A solider on the German side has found love with an English woman

    She writes Timothy a nasty letter telling him that she is gone forever but she doesn't have the nerve to send it to him, dropping it down the back of the cooker. Years later a new family moves into this house and finds this piece of paper the tragedy is they don't know neither care what it's about.

    • Word count: 507
  14. Response Essay. When I first saw the documentary of Aberfan I was shocked and horrified, it was such an unexpected and almost random event to happen ruining so many peoples lives,

    The disaster of Aberfan is very obviously a tragedy in itself with the deaths and injuries of numerous people on the other hand the poem 'The tragedy' isn't so obvious as it's on a much smaller scale but both have been cleverly linked. When I first saw the documentary of Aberfan I was shocked and horrified, it was such an unexpected and almost random event to happen ruining so many peoples lives, the children that were killed in the days events are always kept as children in each and everyone's memories, like they have been frozen in time.

    • Word count: 890
  15. Tragedy development

    Our group felt that adding to many set changes and furniture moving could effectively ruin the atmosphere so therefore we incorporated a small idea which helped us move swiftly onto the next piece of action. We made sure throughout the devised piece we had used different ideas that were linked with the themes and ideas of tragedy. To do this we felt we had to use a range of different words to move across into the next scene for example in the first viewing of Aberfan Jessie is talking about her felt tip pens, the whole group then picks up on 'tip' repeating it louder and louder.

    • Word count: 666
  16. Teechers characters

    This is saying that the audience need to pay attention from the very start of the play. To help us get into character of the teachers, Mrs Parry, Mr Basford, Miss Whitham, Jackie Prime and Mr Nixon. Mrs Parry Mrs Parry is the head teacher of the school and is large, loud and a real eccentric. Her character loves Drama and had featured in many plays in the past. To help us get into her character we took a short monologue from Nixon and applied it to how Mrs Parry would walk, speak, address the audience, and react to her surroundings.

    • Word count: 1024
  17. Drama Evaluation

    The first scene is set with Derek reminiscing about his life on the day of his execution. The group use a monologue to set the first flashback of the play. He talks about how he was born and how the umbilical cord got wrapped around his neck; this was a possible cause of his mental problems. The group's use of levels is done very well since Derek is represented by a prop which is very small and his parents are above him with the doctor and the reminiscing Derek is sitting away from the flashback - this was representing how far away from his family he is.

    • Word count: 1142
  18. Theatre review of individual performing Jerry, from Jim Cartwright's play "Road".

    This emptiness intensifies the quiet, vacant mood of the monologue, which attributes greatly to the pathos-filled aura of Irvine's performance. Irvine's performance is certainly one which has delved deeply into the subtext and meaning of the original text, whilst also putting a personal spin on the interpretation. Irvine chose to cut certain lines of the monologue, to make it fit to a two-minute deadline.

    • Word count: 563
  19. Drama Response - When Miss Stanford was in role as one of the Harrison twins, the character was being played out as someone who is lonely and on the verge of a mental breakdown.

    She then looked at a teddy bear that was lying in front of her; she grabbed it and started rocking forwards and backwards. I think she did this because again it showed her fear and the teddy bear could have been used as a source of comfort for the twin. It is a vital set prop because it then allows the audience to have some more unanswered questions, such as, who gave her the teddy, why does she hold it so close to her, why does she care for the teddy so much.

    • Word count: 2112
  20. Subjective Performance Review

    However this turns out to be a terrible mistake as she is viciously rapped by Alic D'Urberville, a rich yet troubled young man who is evidently mental unstable. Tess had never fully trusted Alic; however her confidence was severely knocked. She left her position and fled home, only to find she was pregnant. Though the child had been forced upon her it was evident (thanks to Gemma's accomplished performance), that Tess still loved it. She was therefore devastated when, at only a few months old, it died.

    • Word count: 570
  21. Theatre Evaluation of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dream coat.

    In scene two, the other eleven sons, tell Jacob that Joseph has died. They then show their father his coat which has been smeared with goat's blood to try and back up their story about Joseph's death. Jacob is distraught about Joseph as he was his favourite son. In scene Three, Joseph becomes a slave to an Egyptian millionaire, Potiphar. Joseph is then jailed after Potiphar thinks Joseph has fallen in love with his wife. Joseph becomes depressed but helps out two cellmates who he cheers up. Both cellmates were servants for Potiphar and have also have dreams, like Joseph.

    • Word count: 1099
  22. Drama Coursework - Response Phase

    Nicola, playing Mrs Johnston was looking down holding her stomach as if she was pregnant. I was standing on her side holding a bible pushing it towards her. We wanted to show the part where Mrs Lyons was asking Mrs Johnson to make a binding agreement, we used facial expressions to show which characters we were trying to portray. As I was Mrs Lyons, I stood with a smug arrogant look to show that I was the wealthy one, while N--- was looking sad, worried and a little scared. Our role-play started with Mrs Johnston working and Mrs Lyons coming in to see how she was doing.

    • Word count: 1777
  23. GCSE Drama AO2 - staging and prolouge

    We all picked out characters and tried to keep things simple. We were going to use no props or set, or costume. We had three narrators off the set but you could hear them from different spaces of the stage. We used blackout in the beginning. We also used the song Elysium - euphoric Chill out for our background music. At this stage our work needed a lot of work as no one was satisfied with the quality and effort.

    • Word count: 689
  24. Drama Report

    The general genre of the play was epic adventure with a tongue in cheek style twist. The play runs through normally Beginning-Middle-End and we did not devise that many unique techniques but came up with some exclusive content to mix up the act. We decided that due to the theme of the play and time allowed to rehearse, a minimalistic play would be most appropriate; we also decided a local dialect would be most suitable as the play is set in modern times and the actions of the characters match local tongue.

    • Word count: 741
  25. Personal Review

    We also improved our performance by reconsidering the props we used, and by rearranging them, so they suitable for the audience, e.g., we moved the bar so it was in the centre, and the main focus point, where all the main conversation would take place, so it would be clear to the audience. Jenna Sharp suggested we could end the scene, with a dilemma/ accident. I think this was a good idea as if a dilemma/accident was to happen it would definitely grip the audience's attention, and make them wonder what was going to happen throughout the rest of the play, so it would leave them intrigued, which is always a contribute to a performance.

    • Word count: 1069

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