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Script for an update of Snow White

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´╗┐Snow White Script ________________ Characters ________________ Original Characters Characters Actors Snow White Secretary Nudee Evil Queen Mayor Pop Prince Doctor Poon Huntsman Hitman William 7 Dwarves 7 Hobos Mel ________________ Scene 1 ________________ MAYOR steps up; SECRETARY is behind her MAYOR: ?[Improvised] Once upon a time. That is how all stories begin. But this is no fairytale- though our last Mayor shall be missed, life will go on. Elect me.? Crowd claps a bit SECRETARY steps up SECRETARY: ?[Improvised] I know this is a delicate time. I understand that. Please vote for us?? Crowd claps enthusiastically SECRETARY: ?Thank you so much all of you!? More clapping Scene 2 ________________ MAYOR storms into the room with SECRETARY. HITMAN is already waiting but MAYOR doesn?t know. MAYOR: What the hell were you thinking?! Were you trying to steal my act? I am the mayor. That?s why my name is written all over the posters. My name, not yours. So don?t ever think of doing something like that ever again because you will ruin my campaign. And? SECRETARY: But ma?am, your speech was not getting us anywhere and the crowd was bored. That?s why I had to do the right thing to save your campaign. ...read more.


Why are you telling me this?? HITMAN: ?I?m sorry?I?m so sorry?Listen, I need to you get away from here as fast as you can. There?s a place down the street where you can lie low for a while?? SECRETARY: ??All right?.Thank you, thank you for-? HITMAN: ?Quickly! Go!? SECRETARY runs away HITMAN: ?What have I done?? Scene 5 ________________ Scene 6 ________________ The MAYOR is center stage typing at a computer MAYOR: Sooo?.. Yaaahhooo Answersss (keeps typing) Who is the faiiressst of them all? Enter? Finally I will have complete revenge on the louse WHAT!! HOW!! (stutters) H..N..HE DIDN?T THAT (censored sign is held up and the MAYOR keep mouthing words and making elaborate hand movements. MAYOR gets very angry stomping around the room kicking things) 3 Hours Later? MAYOR: I have a plan (evil smile and looks around), well I?m all set to go. Oh no wait. I don?t have my McDonalds card (lifts some stuff and finds it) AhHa! I?m good to go. (Gets to McDonalds) MCDONALDS GUY (MG): Hey Miss Mayor, how can I help today? MAYOR: I want the unhealthiest food you have here, please. ...read more.


No you stop. DOCTOR appears DOCTOR: Sorry mister, our ambulance broke down just in front of the motel. Would you mind trying to fix it for us? HOBOS turn to see the DOCTOR HOBOS: Are you a doctor?!! DOCTOR: Yeah, Doctor Prince is my name. HOBOS: Thank god! Sir, you need to take a look at her, she was like that when I came back from the supermarket. Is she dead? DOCTOR: Of course! Of course! DOCTOR kneels down and inspects the body DOCTOR: Oh my god! HOBOS: What, doc?! DOCTOR: She?s got cancer. We need to give her CPR. HOBOS: Really? DOCTOR: Yeah DOCTOR kisses the SECRETARY. SECRETARY wakes up. DOCTOR: Oh no! It worked? SECRETARY: What happened? HOBOS tell the story SECRETARY: My hero! Thank you for saving my life. Kiss me again. NURSE runs in NURSE: YOU!!! This is the second time already that you escaped. You will be moved to Ward C if you disobey the rules one more time. HOBOS and SECRETARY: What?s going on? NURSE: Sir, Ma?am, I?m really sorry for all the troubles he has caused you. This man is mentally unstable and is currently undergoing severe treatments. Please forgive him for any problems he has caused you. I have to go lock him up now. So, good luck. NURSE drags DOCTOR away THE END ...read more.

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