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The examination is on clowning so we had many lessons exploring clowning techniques.

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Clown Portfolio This is my account of how my group and I developed our play for our examination. The examination is on clowning so we had many lessons exploring clowning techniques. To master clowning we had to let go of our fear of looking bad. Being teenagers many of us including me found this extremely hard. We didn't have the trust in our fellow students to be sure they wouldn't go and laugh about us outside of the lesson with their group of friends. With this fear in place our work came across as a piece of realism. Once we all had banished this fear we could become clowns. Because we were taught the art of clowning was exaggerating everything to its utmost till it became grotesque. Of course doing this was going to make us look strange and abstract, which was exactly what clowning is about but my response to this as I've already said was to be afraid of looking bad. Once we all realised we were all on the same road trip we were suddenly aware we were all able to play good clowns and all we needed to do was get the training to be clowns. ...read more.


Not a trace of ourselves should be seen. Which meant totally masking our personalities. We had to show through our bodies who we were trying to be. To do this we needed to think of clown types. So we sat down as a class and discussed clown types. These are the ones we came up with: * Terrific Tracy * Dumb Damon * Boring Barbra * Posh Penelope * Super Simon * Cool Carl * Geeky Gary * Sorted Shirley * Laddish Liam * Obsessive Olive * Sexy Celina * Shy Sammy * Stressed Tess These are all clowns with very clear cut personalities. To get into body masks we did an exercise where we stood in a circle and have a clown type called out we would then have to put a body mask then a facial mask and finally sound in the form of gobbledegook. So for example if you were cool Carl you would have an exaggerated relaxed posture, so almost just lolling around, the facial expression needs to be very 'cool' and gobbledegook needed to sound laid back. ...read more.


We tried to sit down and do a plan but nobody could agree on anything so we decided to get up and improvise. Doing so we very quickly came up with a sketch we were all happy with. We also realised this one scene was not going to be long enough so we added a marriage proposal, a wedding reception, a funeral of the bride and an entire scene of gobbledegook between the bridesmaids in the toilets. We managed to also get in to our play stage fighting techniques and masks. When we actually were assessed I felt that we could have undoubtably done better. I felt that nerves were doing an awful lot to me and my group. We let ourselves down by missing cues and coming in late on lines. Most of that was due to lack of practice. If I had the chance to do the entire piece again I would try and cram in a lot more practice, I would be a lot more clear on what I was doing and on what my character actually was as I felt my character was a bit of a muddle as it did not have the usual clear cut exaggerated clown personality like the ones I listed above. ...read more.

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