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THE MATRIX The matrix ia a sci-fi film based on a computer programme that people like Neo can enter and have special talents that they don't have in the real world like superhero powers. A superhero is someone who has special powers like the power of flight, can stop bullets, move really fast and many more. There are 2 key scenes that show Neo is a superhero: the subway scene where he defeats Agent Smith and the last scene where he walks out of the phone box and flies above everybody in the matrix. ...read more.


Ealier on in the film Neo was told by an oracle that he is not 'the one' but later on when he is in the subway he realises that he is the one. However Neo is also presented as a superhero in the last scene when he is on the phone and he can detect the other secret agents tracing his call. When he has finished his call he looks at the handset and gives a dirty look to the agents. After that he slams the phone down and walks out of the phone box. ...read more.


When it moves into an overhead shot Neo flies up into the camera with his cape flapping behind him. In this film there are lots of different special effects such as small explosions where the bullets are supposed to hit the walls, blood pouches to make it look like people are bleeding plus many more. Scenes like gun scenes are only shot once because the Wachowski brothers can't afford to shoot them twice because they would have to pay to get the walls repaired. In conclusion i think Neo is a superhero because of his superhero powers like the power of flight etc. The final thing that makes me think he is a superhero is his ability to defeat the agents. ...read more.

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