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Use of space, levels and proxemics for blood brothers

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In my opinion, the production used space, levels and proxemics very effectively as it showed their purpose of its use. For example. When Mrs. Lyons (Vivienne Carlyle) didn't want Mrs. Johnston (Marti Webb) near the baby. Carlyle was positioned stage right in relation with Mari Webb who was staged left. ...read more.


and Eddie (Simon Wilmot) become friends and Mrs. J ( Webb) finds out! Mickey is send inside and I noticed that Webb used very close proxemics when talking to Simon. This showed the Love of a mother to her son that she had given away and hadn't seen for a long time although Simon is not aware at this point! ...read more.


And I though use of spacing was also good as they used the background which blocked the depth of behind the sheets and the actual size of the stage. For Example. When the Scene was taking place at Mrs. Lyons house, they brought background forward which made the stage look very smaller. Another example is when they Split the stage in to two scenes. It was cross cut from one area to the other. As shown in the diagram. Mrs. J Mrs. L Audience ...read more.

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