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.......We Band of Brothers

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Ray Crumpler 11/14/05 10:30 .......We Band of Brothers Directors Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg produce a Global Award winning mini-series, Band of Brothers, based on the book written by historian Stephen Ambrose. Stephen Ambrose's book Band of Brothers inspires Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg to make this moving story into an HBO mini-series. Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg retell the remarkable story of the 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment in hopes the viewer will appreciate the sacrifice of the men who fought in World War II. Band of Brothers is a 10 part HBO mini series telling the real life accounts of the soldiers of "Easy Company" 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment. As the story develops, their acts of unparalleled selflessness are a continual reference to its title: Band of Brothers. This film re-enacts the tribulations of the men of Easy Company from the first day of basic training, to the invasion of Germany, until the end of World War II. The men of Easy Company undergo some of the toughest fighting of WW II to include the infamous "Battle of the Bulge." ...read more.


Everyman in Easy Company escapes from the hospital just so they could return to the front lines to be with their friends, reinforcing their infinite allegiance to one another. In the fifth episode the film takes a look at the fighting from a different perspective. This episode is seen through the eyes of a medic named "Eugene Row." He is a combat medic attached to Easy Company since the initial drop into Normandy but isolates himself from them so as not to get too close. During this episode he scavenges for medical supplies but is always in need because of the constant shelling of Easy Company's position. From the medic's standpoint, he is good at his job but hates losing the men he works with. The realism and the cast of this film is what really reaches out to the audience. At the beginning of each episode, the surviving members of Easy Company tell their recollection of what happened. Listening to their stories and watching the reenactment is heartbreaking. ...read more.


This is the film all others will be compared to when discussing the WW II era. The realism of the whizzing bullets, explosions, and all out chaos is easy for films to mimic but mimicking the emotional aspects of the story is a more difficult task. Yet, in this series it almost seems as if the actors became the characters they played. The only negative aspect of the series is keeping up with all the characters. As the men are wounded, their characters are left out of the series until later episodes and are forgotten about quickly but the main characters such as, Lt. Winters the narrator keeps the viewer well informed. Ultimately, the goal of Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg is to get the viewer to appreciate the sacrifices of the men who fought in World War II. Through emotional commentaries with survivors and astounding cinematic effects, Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg immortalize the real life story of the men of "Easy Company" and the bond they share. Anyone can appreciate the sacrifices of these men, but for those who are protected it is hard to realize the price of freedom. Band of Brothers unmistakably illustrates these sacrifices and the cost of our freedom. ...read more.

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