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Woman in black production notes

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Woman in black production essay I went to see woman in black at the fortune theatre in London on the evening of the 10th June. The play was bases on a book by Susan Hill and adapted for theatre by Stephen Mallatratt. I witnessed excellent acting skills and great physical control and in this essay I shall explain the general points of the play including acting, lighting and set. The set and lighting that was used during the play was very basic, this was done purposely because the lay is set in an empty theatre, which is still tidying up after a past production. ...read more.


I think that the play and the actors explored these issues very well, but I am not sure if they were explored in a believable way. I thought that the first half of the play was quite slow, tedious at times but the second part of the play the pace was picked up quite a bit. There was only two actors in the play; Mr kipps and the actor along side frequent sightings of the woman in black. Mr. Kipps, the protagonist, has engaged a professional actor to help him learn to act out and reveal his play on stage to his family and friends. ...read more.


His curiosity of this vision and the towns peoples extreme secrecy of Mrs. Drablow's history leads him to her house: Eel Marsh House. There are loud and painful noises heard coming from a locked room in what should be an otherwise empty house. He becomes extremely frightened and nervous, but eventually is able to enter into the secret room. The room appears as if someone has recently spent time there- a child. He soon finds out from a local that the boy whose room he had entered was the son of Mrs. Drablow's sister. In conclusion the play was extremely well acted and the simple set and lack of props highlighted the excellent acting skills the actors portrayed and I really enjoyed the play despite being petrified at times. ...read more.

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