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1 hour 1 place - creative writing

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1 Hour - 1 Place. By Colin Francis I stood perilously surrounded for my fellow cadets. Looking towards the sky I could see nothing but rain gushing down. The sky was pitch black; it was 06:35am. I pondered to myself whether this was the day; the day I died. Looking round at the soldiers, I could see the nervous looks smeared all over their faces. We were in the trenches awaiting the enemy. I peered over to my friend Charlie; he was waiting in his trench. The rain was now coming down even faster. "Think this'll clear up?" I shouted at the top of my voice. ...read more.


Everybody was peering over the trench looking and listening for any sign of danger. "Look! There coming from the north!" someone screamed. Everybody now turned their attention towards the incoming adversary. "Guns at the ready!" The sergeant bellowed. "FIRE!" He screamed at the top of his voice! There was rain dropping rapidly. Bullets being shot in every direction. I could hear my heart pounding. I could smell decaying bodies. I could see people falling to the floor. I could taste the bitterness. I could feel the cold chill running down my back. A war zone is an area in which military combat takes place, an area where tears of sorrow and blood of brave soldiers are shed. ...read more.


I felt sick. I ran towards him but slipped in the mud. I began to writhe across the battlefield towards Charlie. I lay on top of him, crying. I couldn't believe he would as stupid as to throw his life away. I climbed to feet and charged the adversary! I wasn't thinking; my mind was set on the just pulling the trigger. Tear were running down my face. Suddenly I began to feel heavy. I reluctantly fell to the floor, mud splashed up to my face. I had been shot in my leg. I felt cold; I could only hear my heart slowing down. I found it hard to breathe, I was gasping for air. My grip on my gun began to loosen. My eyes felt heavy. There was blood everywhere: blood of soldiers; blood of bitterness; blood of remorse. ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Writing to Inform, Explain and Describe section.

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