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3 short storys,

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Compare the devices the three writers use in the openings to prepare the reader for stories of impending doom. In this essay I will be answering the question, compare the devices the three writers use in the openings to prepare the reader for stories of impending doom. The Ostler is a story about a "wrinkled; scanty; grizzled haired" man who keeps seeing his nightmare come true on the same day every year, "2pm, on his birthday". The story, red room, centers on an unnamed protagonist who chooses to spend the night in the remote Lorraine Castle. The narrator will rest in a room said to be haunted; in an effort to disprove the various legends surrounding it. Despite ominous warnings from the three infirm custodians who reside there, he ascends to the "Red Room" to begin his night's rest. The confessions found in a prison is a short story about a man who's brother died and takes care of his brothers son, but doesn't like him so he kills him. He then later gets found out and is on the way to being executed. ...read more.


big finish, for example in the Ostler you hear about the attempted murder at the beginning and so from there on every time its near his birthday the reader will start to get worried. In the red room the climax is shown when the man goes into the red room and the candles start going out. "Red Room" and fear, Fear is danger and danger is harm. Fear can be envisioned through the colour red, a symbol for danger. By using the word 'red' in the title the author, H G Wells, shows some sort of danger or fear in the story. Red is usually associated with fear and danger. He shows fear by showing the narrator to be a very cocky and confident person, but as the story progresses his mood changes to a much less confident man. "Confessions found in a prison" is used as the title and warns the reader of impending doom because of the word "confessions", and because confessions means the act of admitting to something we can see the main character has done something wrong which makes us eager to find out what he's done. ...read more.


This is a sign of his over confidence to which we assume will lead to him being non-confident. Another example of this is a metaphor in confessions found in a prison, "my name is written in the black book of death" he says this at the beginning and from this we can foreshadow him doing something bad and getting sent to where he is now, prison. Personification is also used in the red room, "the shadows chased him down the hall". He has used this to scare - the shadows seem like ghosts going to the room before him. Personification is also used in the Ostler, "grizzled hair telling its own story". The writer uses this to intrigue, we want to know why the hair is so troubled, and his story is so bad even his hair is troubled. In conclusion I think that the Otler is the most effective because it has a little bit of superstition around his birthday, and because it keeps recurring and slowly creeps up on him. Compared to more modern books like Frankenstein it has less of a more normal approach, it has less bats and gremlins. ...read more.

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