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38 Kings Road

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38 KINGS ROAD This is a true account of a 'happening' at 38 Kings Road. The story begins in the year of 1967, when I was fifteen years of age and I suppose a 'normal' teenager, well as normal as a person enjoying having all their teeth extracted! At times I was obnoxious, selfish and sometimes rebellious, of course I can describe this now that I am more worldly wise! I will start by explaining how I came to be living at 38 Kings Road and how one particular night, resulted in a form of hysteria, a coincidence.....or was it? It was the summer of 1967 when I should have been enjoying being a teenager. The sun was shining as I looked out of the window of the flat where I lived with my parents in central London. I was feeling depressed and sorry for myself, much like the appearance of the inside of the flat, where the sun never seemed to reach, with its tired smoke stained wallpaper and paint work. I felt everything was my fault... always my fault. That afternoon I found that I had packed my suitcase, a small beaten up leather case, barely able to shut. ...read more.


Finally the cancer took a firm grip within her body and she found that she had no choice but to go into hospital. She did not want to be there and she made it clear that she wanted to come home to die in familiar surroundings with the family that she loved. Page 3 of 7 When Nan had been in hospital for about a week, it was decided she could come home, as there was nothing more the doctors could do for her. My sister declared that we needed to change things around a bit. It was decided that Nan's room would be in the down stairs dining room, so a bed was setup for her as she had become too weak to tackle the stairs. While the rooms were being changed around, it was decided that a large wardrobe belonging to Nan was no longer needed and now that Nan was downstairs, it would be too big anyway. It was dark brown with a large drawer at the base, which was not attached to the main unit and it had a large mirror on it's only door. ...read more.


So strong was our guilt that night... that awful night of the 'happening', that we just had to get Nan's permission to continue what we had started. The events that took place over the two weeks of the 'happening' have never left my thoughts. Although we have never ever spoken of the 'happening' I shall never forget the joint, almost hysterical feelings of that night in 1969. I no longer feel scared and maybe if it was to happen to me now, I may act with more logic and see that in the world of the paranormal, coincidence may have led us astray. Page 6 of 7 But oh! what a coincidence that both myself and my sister were feeling the same, the same thoughts and at the same time. Just like in London on the day that I left. I believe people within the same family have special connections, a feeling that in this instance, that we were tied to each other. Maybe the guilt we were feeling that day had played within our minds, ridding ourselves of part of Nan during a time when she herself would be gone forever. Page 7 of 7 ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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