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A Bang and a Shock

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Nadav Shayovitz English Creative Essay GCSE Coursework A Bang and a Shock Some time, some place, Year 2002... It was late at night and quiet. I had been playing my favourite computer game. Then my eyes began to feel heavy and the screen blurred. I seemed to be falling towards it...through the screen. Then my head banged against it. I cried out in pain 'ouch!' The shock and a 'three spoons of nescafe' coffee afterwards left me wide-awake and full of energy. I knew I couldn't sleep now. It was either a night watching 'BBC news 24' or a walk in the clear, crisp, night. Ten minutes later, complete with boots, jacket and my favourite woolly hat (which conveniently covered my fresh bump on my forehead), I stepped out of my front door into the big, dark, scary world. I wandered past the streets I knew so well, past the uninspiring, faceless houses, past the playground, past a farm and beyond. I had wandered out of town. Now my surroundings were unfamiliar and strange. ...read more.


They wanted to turn me into a robot- one of them! Suddenly the bright colours of the new world took on a whole new face, they became programmed, emotionless....and evil. I knew I had to fight Otherwise they would rip out my heart and install a processor, I would be incapable of thinking for myself. I watched in horror as I saw the robots all walk the same smooth pace, the same speed, all main the same noise. If futurama had developed to be this perfect, how could I stop them making me one? What was I going to do? After much deliberating, I knew that my only hope would be to find the tunnel- and get back into my old world. But my guide took my arm and led me to a building, with steel gates, robotic guards, and hundreds of cameras- I was in a maximum-security Futurama prison. As it turned out, apart from the lack of human presence, there was suprisingly little difference between this prison and the ones in the 'real' world, in 2002, (according to movie representations anyway.) ...read more.


I could hear its deathly, robotic creak as the space beyond became smaller, my chance for freedom disappearing. When I finally reached the gate, there was till a tiny gap, I dived under it. My escape from prison was complete, but I still needed to find the tunnel. Luckily it was night, and Futurama seemed to be re-charging its batteries (literally.) I briskly made my way to the tunnel, back to my old, boring, safe human world. But could I find it and return to my land? Yes. This time there was no disappearing act, it just lay confidently there. I made my way through the dark, dark, walls. But, on the other side, would things ever be the same again? Yes. It was night, and quiet, as I had left it. So I made my way home, the same way through the same familiar streets. But, in the morning, would things ever be the same again? Yes. Err... I mean, no. I woke to the sound of lazers shooting and robots de-humanising people. 'Oh, for God's sake!' I said aloud. 'All that effort to get back here and I'm gonna be 'robotised' after all' Which wasn't so bad actually. So there you have it. ...read more.

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