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A Christmas carol.

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English Assignment A Christmas Carol By Julhaz Miah Charles Dickens was born in 1812. Charles had a very unstable upbringing. During his turbulent childhood, he and his family lived in increasing poverty. Charles has projected this onto many of his novels and works. By 1843 his work was immensely famous and popular and he was commissioned to write a series of Christmas books, one a year for five years. The first and most popular of these is A Christmas carol. Dickens used the setting and characters to show the reality of the terrible working conditions the poor endured during the Victorian period. The opening of the novel provides the reader with some insight into the character of Ebenezer Scrooge. We begin to learn about his lifestyle, his wealth, his attitude towards his employee and his opinion of the poor. Scrooge is described as being "Scrooge ! A squeezing, wretching, grasping, scraping, clutching, covetous old sinner ! Hard as flint, from which no steel had ever struck out a generous fire." This shows what kind of person he is; a stingy man with unreasonable and uncompromisable demands. From this quote I also get the feeling that Scrooge's personality is one of a bitter, cold-hearted and short tempered old man with an unhealthy obsessive love for money e.g. "Clutching" emphasizes this point. Scrooge is described as being cold-hearted and unreachable "No steel had ever struck out a generous fire" This metaphor means that nobody has ever managed to make him genuinely smile with real joy. I also think that Scrooge is a secretive and lonely man with no friends "Secret, self contained, solitary as an oyster." I think Dickens uses the simile "solitary as an oyster" to emphasize how much of a loner scrooge is, but through his own doing as he lets no one into his life like an oyster with its thick shelf between itself and the outside world. ...read more.


Scrooge shows that he is learning when he looks upon his former self with sadness then says. "There was a boy singing a Christmas carol at my door last night, i should like to have given him something." Scrooge also loves his sister back with just as much, if not more, affection "Always a delicate creature, but she had a large heart, so she had, and he cried." Dickens uses this opportunity to explore Scrooge's character and adds a different side to his personality. This is the first time where he displays the ability to love and be moved by something other than the gain of money, the ability to love another humanbeing. This is a complete contrast to the heartless creature he has become. Scrooge is then taken to when he was a young man working for a larger than life character called Mr. Mr Fezziwig has just arranged a fantastically joyous Christmas party for all his workers. Here Scrooge sees the contrast between the harsh way he treats Bob Cratchitt and the kind way Mr. Fezziwig treated him while he was his employee. And begins to see the error of his ways. Next on this worldwind tour, Scrooge is taken to when his fiancee leaves him. "A golden idol has replaced me." This means that she feels as though money has replaced her. This tells me that as he gets older, money becomes more and more dominant over his life without him even realising it. Scrooge is very moved by this because he wanted to go after her but was too stubborn to do so. He then sees her several years later, married with a family. He regrets this as a missed opportunity something that could have completely reformed his life. He could have had a family who he could love and be loved by forever. I believe that perhaps this is may be the reason why he is resentful of his nephew "Why did you marry." ...read more.


In this gritty tale Dickens made the people of his time think about their actions and to change their ways his works made a lot of people with in the elite circles think about their actions. From the two stories I have seen some similarities such as the pathetic fallacies that exist between Mrs Rutter and Packers End then in 'A Christmas Carol' the pathetic fallacies between Scrooge and his gloomy house and surroundings. Another similarity is that both stories have a strong theme of morality, in 'The Darkness out there' the theme is of the fact that you shouldn't judge people on first impressions and appearance alone but on the content of a persons character. Whereas in 'A Christmas Carol' the moral of the story is of the dangers of ignorance and greed Out of the two stories i prefer 'A Christmas Carol' because its social influence on society has spawned a whole nation. It's ideals are a bedrock of modern British society for example it is not considered British to show off your possessions or to brag about the amount of wealth you own whereas in the Victorian era if you were rich you flashed your money and enjoyed as much excess as you could. Infact the life of the rich was just a competion with the another rich person to see who was richer. I believe that without the inspiration of Charles Dickens great works, great socialist thinkers and writers such as George Orwell and many others would not have existed. I think that without Dickens' socialist propaganda contained within his literature, the early socialist movement would not have taken off the ground as fast it did during the time Dickens' influencial works were published. Without this somewhat subconscious yet powerful propaganda I do not believe the Labour government of today, whose policies are supposedly based on the socialist ideals it inherited, would exist on such a powerful base that it currently enjoys. ...read more.

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