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A day in my life

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A Day in My Life My name is A N Other I am 17 years of age and I live in High Wycombe. In this essay I will be talking about my goals, dreams, and ambitions in my life. I been through many rough patches in the year 2008 as I did not do very well in my GCSE'S and was thinking of dropping out of education. I then realised I am not the only person who has failed in exams and people actually learn from their mistakes. I then decided to stay in education and do BTEC Business and ICT. I was hoping to do my BTEC'S in Holmer Green Senior School, unfortunately they would not accept me back in due to the lack of grades and also the lack of people doing the course and I was scared that I might have to take a gap year. I was on a mission trying to find a school who will accept me studying the following subjects. My parents were supporting me throughout this terrible ordeal as I was stressed out in every single way. My parents had contacted Sir William Ramsey School and they had made an appointment. I was worried as ever because I was going into a new environment and I did not know if I was going to fit in with other students. ...read more.


I am more lively and energetic student in lessons where in my old school I was boring and never used to engage with teachers in certain topics. My whole life had taken a right turn which was quite pleasing in a way. I would rather fail now and learn from my mistakes unlike when I am older and when I have less time to change things. My life and ambitions have drastically changed. I no longer wanted to be a football player because I had always knew I wasn't good as I was supposed to be, if I ever wanted to succeed as a professional football player. From there on I had started to figure what I really was good at and that was computing. I always liked computing from a little kid but never really took interest as I was to busy doing other things, but I started to take computing seriously and have undertook many courses outside of school which will entitle me to have good knowledge about computer components. The mistakes which I had made in my earlier school career were I never took live very seriously and I just thought the day will pass on as usual. I soon realised everyday is a different day and I would have to take each day very seriously. ...read more.


and age might not be enough due to the fact many companies are getting bankrupt and people are losing their jobs and I hope this will not affect me. To achieve my ambitions I will have to take certain steps which will help me progress in the future. I really want to do my A levels so I will need to pass my BTEC and achieve 3 merits in the twelve units that I am studying. I am person who like's a challenge and I will never back down from things which will benefit me in life. I have already thought of going in to further education and studying computing and business and hopefully I will be able to go to university by studying hard and passing my a levels which will be a wonderful achievement for me. When I have passed my degree at university I then want to have good job which will hopefully help me to earn loads of money but at the same time supporting my family and making sure my parents have stable life because they have played a big part in my life. I will have to be patient and wait for the opportunity once I have seen it I will grab it as fast as I can, as they say the world is your oyster. ...read more.

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