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A Day in the Life

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A Day in the Life The floor flies towards me at an alarming rate. Crash! Another day begins. I am shaken from my sleep at about seven o'clock, sometimes earlier, (my body still confused from the knocks and falls the day before) and then the uniform duties of the morning begin - usually starting with at least one piece of clothing on back to front or upside down - breakfast consists of a selection of fruit and a glass of orange juice, followed by a couple of bits of bland toast and a kick start of caffeine to round off the routine. Now I embark on the long and painful journey that is my day. As soon as I get up I can hear it calling me. Some people have computers, swimming or martial arts. I have this. The emergency exit that opens the door to the rest of my life. The wind, like a flute beside my ear. ...read more.


The all too familiar, sterile smell of the Accident & Emergency ward, bringing me back from the blissful limbo and pushing me back into the realms of consciousness with the added benefits of: one arm broken in three places, one broken leg and five stitches on my chin. Pain gripping me like a rusty vice; guilt skulking to the fornt of my mind as I realise that I've just dragged my parents to the A & E ward for four hours. But soon, my mountain bike rides to the front of my mind and begins to consume my thoughts once again. Altogether I wasn't too pleased with my performance at the track, but I would do it again. There are up sides to my bike, such as shows and competitions. I love doing shows, because as they're invitational, it gives a great sense of respect and knowing that people admire me for what I do and what I am is really inspiring. ...read more.


The hardest part will be the responsibility, knowing that somebody's life is in my hands, I also think that I judge people too often which is, apparently, one of the worse things a doctor can do. I love mountain biking but, as my mum always says: "Time to start thinking about a "real" career." Homework is the next big hurdle of the day and usually contains at least one piece of extended writing. My favourite lessons are English, Biology and French. I decided to do triple science at GCSE because I thought that I was good at it, but there are some robots in my class, that seem to have an infinite database of pointless scientific knowledge ready at the click of a button and when they're talking about "hydroflourocarbons", I switch off and think about the weekend. At 11 o'clock it's off to bed for some well-deserved rest and a chance to heal the scars of the day, all ready for tomorrow when the cycle begins, all, over, again. Joshua Penwill 10N English GCSE Coursework 07/05/2007 ...read more.

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