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A Day in the life

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A day in the life A single ray of light slips through the billowing curtains and falls down upon my eye. Church bells reverberate around my head, as I begin to stir. Cracking my eyes open a sliver an out of focus view slowly begins to get clearer, clumsily clambering out of bed icy blasts of wind pelt my body. I resist the urge to fall back into to my bed and its embracing slumber, and continue to lunge at my iPod and cease the imitation of church bells from its incessant chiming. Within seconds boiling water is flowing down and around my being, I linger in the warmth for as long as my stomach can stand. In what feels like moments I find myself sleepily fishing out the remaining cheerios from the bottom of the bowl. As the last of them disappear down my throat I experience a peaceful felling due to my full stomach and comfort. This pleasantness however is shattered almost instantaneously by the GMTV presenter informing me in a cool voice that today has already reached eight o'clock. My mind is suddenly awake and thrown into overdrive, lone gone is the drowsiness and calm. ...read more.


after a further five minutes of using all of my concentration skills to try and focus in on what she is trying to explain to us I give up and let my mind wander. Staring out the window I see the sun hidden between clouds while narrow strips of light break though onto the freshly cut grass below, eyes stray further and in the distance I see my old school, Greneway. A golden age of no coursework, no upcoming Gcses and no German, reminiscing I remember all the good times I witnessed there. I relive various school trips and the year 7 basketball final to mention but a couple of the infinite joyful memories I that occurred there. My daydreams are unpleasantly interrupted by me hearing my name, as I come back to my senses I see I t was in fact the teacher who uttered my name and seeing as though she seemed to be expecting a response I assume she asked some kind of question. Looking around for some kind of hint I find none and instead I'm drawn back to the teacher's leering glare. ...read more.


It goes by as a gruelling hour of work and longing till eventually it arrives. Hunger eating away at my stomach and the thought of playing Xbox causes me to put on a spurt of speed. Home a place of relaxation and peace, sometimes. Not so much when a group of 8 year old girls run amok the house screaming continually, I hurriedly get something to satisfy my stomach and retreat to the peace of my room. As the light in the room slowly fades from orange to black I realise I have wasted the evening away doing what amounts to absolutely nothing. It takes me several more minutes before lay my eyes upon the time, the flickering lights inform me that not only have I wasted my entire evening but now I've got to go to sleep. With a bitterness burning in the back of my mind I sluggishly get myself ready for bed until ultimately I lie in the same space that I started the day in. Looking up at the mysterious space above me I think about the day that has just ended, the good, the bad, and conclude that the day could have gone much worse was in fact another quite enjoyable. I suppose there's always tomorrow. ?? ?? ?? ?? Chay Woodford ...read more.

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