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a day in the life of. . .

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Awaking from a restless night's sleep, the first thing I hear is the screeching of the alarm. I reach across to the side table to be met by the glowering red lights reading 06:45 am. I hit snooze and rest my head back on my snug, comfy pillow and feel everything around me begin to slowly fade away. Just as drift off back to sleep, the alarm springs vigorously back to life, bringing me back onto earth. Oh, how I long for Saturdays, lying in bed without the necessity of waking up or going to school, just lounging around the house doing whatever I please. Nevertheless, I have to endure five days of awaking to the piercing ring of the alarm in my ears, before I will be blessed to be able to awake at a time which I desire. The reason I long for the weekend? The stress of GSCE's. The pressure gradually seeps into me; with an exam everyday of the week, in addition to the coursework and general homework set each lesson. It is an abrupt transformation from the school life I knew last year- with homework that could be done within minutes, lessons which passed by quick enough to not drag us into boredom and teachers who rarely mentioned forthcoming GCSE's. Although now? All us students hear about is the importance of our GCSE. ...read more.


Physics, in my opinion, is a waste of time- it is useless subject and I don't understand it to have any significance in the real world; outside of school. However I have no choice of what they teach at school or any power over what I want to be taught so I do what I am instructed to do so. Reaching school, I set eyes upon a sea of green uniforms entering the school gates. Joining them I set foot inside the school building, ready to start a new day. Within the school halls I notice my friend Becky sitting at the far side of the hall, joining her, I find her frantically completing her Biology homework. Somehow she compels me in to helping her finish it, in order for her not to receive a detention. We finish just in time, as the bell sounds for start of school, and make our way towards our form room. First period, DT: easy work for the brain, and an easy way to start the day. Ambling along to physics I meet my friend Laura, who I share this period with. Heading for the back of the lab we take a seat on the last row. We share a comparable perception of the subject of physics: produces you with, what seems like, everlasting boredom and is virtually incomprehensible. ...read more.


Reaching home after a busy week, I unwind on the sofa while watching Friends, my favourite TV programme, the reason being that the humour is endless and exceptionally entertaining. Finishing the remainder of my homework, in front of the TV, from an assortment of subjects, I feel satisfied knowing that all my homework is complete, out of the way. Leaving me with a whole weekend to prepare for the next week - a cycle which never fails to cease. Enjoying the rare period of freedom- I phone Ali to discuss the opportunity of meeting up this weekend to go shopping in Bromley, to spend all the birthday money I received a couple of weeks previously. Deciding to meet outside McDonalds, a lunch time treat, the previous day, I set the phone down and begin to make my way upstairs towards my room. As if like a routine I robotically turn on the computer and sign into MSN, an obsession of the teenage world. Getting ready for an early night I reminisce on the past week: the ups, the down, the lows and highs of normal everyday life. While my thoughts start to fade away into the blackness of the night sky, I contemplate what life has to offer for the week ahead and the life ahead of me. My dreams and hopes of leaving school with top grades- at this point in my life, and with that notion I drift off. Away into the oblivion. By Amilia ?? ?? ?? ?? The Times 02.10.07 ...read more.

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